Does AI Kill SEO-Rich Content? Bing and Google Say AI Helps Your Content Shine 

  There has been a lot of hyperbole, speculation, and faulty assumptions about AI’s role in Search as both Google and Bing create AI-enabled Search and Chat properties. Does AI, like Bing-GPT or Google’s SGE, kill SEO and content? As the VP of Strategy at KWSM, I went straight to the source – Michael Schechter, VP […]

Website and SEO Bootcamp | Q&A With Your Instructor

We’re ramping up for week two of our Digital Marketing Bootcamp!  This Friday, KWSM’s Vice President of Finance & Operations, Stephen Wagner, will be guiding Bootcampers through best practices for optimizing websites and implementing strong SEO tactics to move their sites closer to the top of Google search results. Here’s what you need to know […]

4 Important Google Analytics Metrics in 2021

Google Analytics is one of the most vital tools when it comes to gaining insight into your business’s website, especially for digital marketing data. Did your social media ad drive traffic back to your website? Did your e-blast successfully lead customers to your website contact form? Are your keyword-rich blogs ranking as top viewed pages […]

3 Growing Digital Marketing Trends

3 digital marketing trends

The year has just begun, and there are endless possibilities to expand your customer base. There are new digital marketing trends taking the industry by storm, and your business can benefit from this boost. Whether your digital marketing strategy includes paid or only organic tactics, you can incorporate any of these into your campaigns. Long-Form […]

All Businesses Want For Christmas Is Optimized Google Ads Keywords

Whatever your business or industry, Google Ads can be highly effective when used strategically for growing website traffic and generating leads. But what happens when your ads aren’t generating leads?  There are several factors that must work cooperatively in order to achieve success with Google Ads; from the quality of your landing page, ad type, […]

Why Blogging is an Essential Element of B2B Marketing

Why Blogging is an Essential Element of B2B Marketing

Strong search rankings are fundamental for business-to-business (B2B) companies looking to succeed with their digital marketing strategies. Content marketing strategies like blogging can be used for B2B companies to improve search rankings and increase organic traffic to their website. Whether you’re already blogging and looking for best practices or you need to create a fresh […]

3 Signs Your Business Needs Local SEO

Let’s face it, marketing budgets aren’t bottomless. Your company’s dollars are a limited resource, which is all the more reason to make every dollar count.  Luckily, in 2020 and beyond, there are many cost-effective ways to elevate your marketing strategy, and one of these is SEO. You already have a website, so investing in a […]

Why Google+ Is Crucial To Your Online Presence

When trying to unlock the secret to successful search engine optimization, Google+ is the hidden key most social media users are missing. In comparison to social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, Google+ seems to fall short in terms of popularity, and according to Business Insider, not many active users are on the social […]

3 Tips to Improve Your Brand’s Website

If your brand is using social media to drive traffic to your website, that’s great! But what kind of impression does a viewer receive when they first visit your website? Is it easy to navigate? Is there enough information to understand what your brand is all about? Your brand’s website establishes your online credibility, and […]

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