How to Market Your Law Firm This Holiday Season

The holiday bustle seems to take us by surprise every year, even during a global pandemic. If there was ever a time that people needed holiday cheer, it’s this year! No matter the area of law your firm practices, you should be sure to spread messages of joy to your contacts and prospective clients as […]

Retargeting Strategies for Law Firm Marketing

Finding a new client can cost five times as much as keeping an existing client. While this statistic is often applied to product-based businesses, it also applies to lawyers and law firms. Law firms can use retargeting strategies to offer new services to prospective clients, and as they develop these relationships more, they can get […]

How Lawyers Can Market their Services on Twitter

Twitter is an effective marketing tool for lawyers because it allows them to create relevant content for their audience, interact with other users, and network with prospective clients and media correspondents. While this platform has 330 million active users every month, you can break through the traffic with creativity, consistency, and continued outreach.  Here are […]

How to Establish a LinkedIn Network as a Lawyer

LinkedIn has over 706 million users who are ready to network and create professional connections. While you may not meet with all of your digital connections in person, you need to continue to network with people who can help promote your firm.  In addition to creating a complete and professional profile for your firm, you […]

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