4 Tools to Help Your LinkedIn Marketing Soar


When it comes to cutting-edge, impactful marketing platforms, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook come to mind for many people. But what about LinkedIn? The professional networking platform is often glazed over by marketing strategists, but if you’re in a B2B business, it can be the added boost your team needs to take your marketing to the […]

How To: SEO for Pinterest

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Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram normally come to mind when people think of social media marketing, but what about Pinterest? Despite what you might think, Pinterest is pulling in over 250 million users monthly, so it’s certainly a platform worth looking at for marketing your brand. Pinterest has become addictive because users are spending time looking […]

Mad for March Madness | Social Media Help Desk Episode 52

The whole country, including our KWSM team, has gone MAD for March Madness. This week on the Social Media Help Desk, we’re kicking things off discussing how companies just like ours can leverage the popularity of March Madness in their social content. Our host, Stephen Wagner, is then leading the discussion on Facebook ads as […]

Instagram’s Branded Content Ads – What You Need To Know

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Sponsored posts have become a necessity for brands to get their content seen by their audience. As it continues to flourish, platforms are constantly revamping and introducing new features to support this growth. As more brands look to influencers to help them get their message out, Instagram has made changes to its influencer-marketing tools. Branded […]

Should You Be Adding Alt Text to your Social Images?

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Most people know that the alt text, also known as “alt tags” and “alt descriptions,” is the written copy that appears in place of an image that helps screen-reading tools describe images to visually impaired readers. Many don’t realize that it’s important for search engines to find your content, too. Images have become an increasingly […]

What’s Up With LinkedIn Hashtags?

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Hashtags – everyone has an opinion about them between how many is too many and if its worth to use them on certain platforms. Since the pound sign became a “hashtag” on Twitter in 2007, it’s been used to start conversations and find conversations mostly on Twitter and Instagram, and occasionally on Facebook. LinkedIn is […]

How To Build A Strategy For LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is the top social media channel for networking amongst professionals. This is because, unlike other social media channels, LinkedIn is strictly business. The social media platform and its user community highly encourage the sharing of professional information over updates. However, for some business owners, establishing a balance between marketing a company and managing a […]

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