Atlanta is Open For Business | Is Your Marketing Strategy Ready?

Georgia is one of the first states taking part in reopening businesses and starting the journey back to normalcy after the COVID-19 outbreak. On Friday, April 25, 2020 Georgia governor Brian Kemp allowed some nonessential businesses to open their doors.   Businesses still have to adhere to guidelines laid out at the state and federal […]

How To Market Your San Diego Business Responsibly During the COVID-19 Outbreak

California is one of the states that has been most affected by the coronavirus outbreak. In San Diego, “nonessential” businesses are encouraged to stay home in order to keep the community safe. This unprecedented time can create a lot of confusion over how to move forward with your marketing efforts.  Thankfully, digital marketing is all […]

How Proper Onboarding Can Shape Your Work Experience

Company culture starts from day 1. It’s true that most of us will never forget our first day at a new job. It can be nerve-racking walking into the office for the first time, thinking about where you’ll eat lunch and when you should make small talk with your coworkers. And while this feeling is […]

Should My Atlanta Business Continue Marketing During COVID-19?

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many unforeseen changes to businesses all over the country, especially those in cities like Atlanta that have mandated Shelter in Place orders. With every person in the city and throughout the state of Georgia instructed to stay at home, businesses that were booming less than a month ago are having […]

San Diego: How Is Your Business Marketing Online During COVID-19?

As the world has come to an abrupt halt because of coronavirus, many businesses are struggling to decide what their next step is.  Social distancing and working from home have become the new normal. Therefore, now is the time for businesses to change up their digital marketing strategy.    San Diego is one of the […]

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