How to Write an Effective Social Media Caption

A huge part of social media is the creative aspect, and when we think of “creative” we default to thinking about videos and photos. While these elements are important and should illustrate your product, service, or whatever else your brand is talking about on social media, the caption for these posts is a crucial part […]

The Facebook Algorithm Changes for Election Day and Beyond

We’ve all seen the rise of misinformation, disinformation and “fake news” on social media during the pandemic, now that people get most of their information online while staying safely inside. After the scandal of Russian interference in the 2016 election and threats of violence during today’s 2020 Presidential Election, Facebook is working to combat this […]

Keeping Fans Engaged on Facebook to Boost Your Organic Reach

It may seem like establishing a presence on Facebook is impossible without paid posts. Even though social media has become a ‘pay to play’ game for many brands, organic content is still useful if you are able to keep your fans engaged. If you’re able to post interesting content, you can spark up a conversation […]

Instagram: What To Think About Before You Join

Did you know one billion people use Instagram every month? Instagram is also the second-most downloaded free app in the Apple app store after YouTube. It’s estimated that in the year 2020, 75% of U.S. businesses will be on Instagram. If you’ve been thinking about joining the popular social media platform but are feeling overwhelmed, […]

Facebook and YouTube Try to Protect Their Users While Pinterest Helps Advertisers

In the news this week, you will learn how Facebook and YouTube are promoting the safety of their users and what Pinterest is working on for advertisers that use their platform. Facebook Responds to October Open Letter On Monday, Facebook created a response to the October Open Letter that they received from Barr global leaders. […]

Social Media Apps: The Most Popular of 2019

Looking to add a new social media channel to your business’s marketing strategy? Apple has just recently published the most popular apps of 2019. We’ve quickly covered the list of the top 3 free social media apps with the biggest audience. The more users on the app, the larger the potential audience for you to […]

Data Privacy Dominates Social Platform Changes for 2020

The new year is bringing on a new focus for data-driven changes across many of the social platforms.  These changes will impact current users and new users.  Facebook Promotes Data Portability Those photos and videos you thought might be stuck on Facebook forever may soon have a new home.  Facebook announced on its blog that […]

YouTube Lets Users Swipe Right

Swipe right for the next video? Nope, it’s not Tinder. It’s YouTube! Here’s the inside scoop on all of your social media news. YouTube introduces a new option that lets you swipe to the next video. Facebook rolls out sharing events within stories, and Twitter tests out new conversational features. Here’s the breakdown of social […]

How to Format Photos for Social Media

You’ve found the perfect photo to share on social media. But you upload it, and suddenly your masterpiece becomes a botched close-up of someone’s forehead. Or conversely, your Ansel Adams-esque landscape shot looks grainier than a sack of rice. So what’s the deal? Your image is probably the wrong size, shape or file type for […]

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