Periscope: What, How, Why, and Where

When FaceTime and Skype were first introduced to the public, it was pandemonium. The ability to live-stream video chat with anyone around the world on a mobile device was unheard of, and this innovation changed the way we communicate and conduct business in the modern age. It seems every few years or so, technological engineers […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Salon’s Facebook Strategy

New channels come and go, but Facebook continues to be the most popular channel in the ever-changing social media landscape. Is your salon effectively using Facebook as a part of your marketing strategy? Here are some tips to get more people off their computers and into your chair! Create a business page. If you want to […]

Branding on Social Media: The Importance of an Online Identity

Think back on your teen years for a moment: was there ever a time you went through a “phase,” experimenting with a new hairstyle, clothing style, or way of speaking to fit in with a certain crowd? Finding your identity as an individual is an important part of our human growth and development, and the […]

Simple (and Free) Ways to Be Seen on Pinterest

Is your Pinterest taking off the way that is should? If you’ve checked off all the major bases with your account, but still aren’t seeing traction on your blog posts and videos, it may be time to take a new approach to the way you’re sharing your content. Sure, promoted pins are a great option […]

How To Improve Organic Reach On Facebook

With more changes to Facebook’s algorithm and growing competition, it’s become increasingly difficult to get your content in front of your fans. As a result, many businesses have seen a decline in reach on Facebook. If your reach has become stagnant or worse, has started to decline, it may be time to change things up […]

How to Maintain Your Social Media on Vacation

With summer officially upon us, many of us are scheduling vacations to take advantage of the warm weather and give ourselves a break from routine. These holidays are essential for recharging your batteries and avoiding burnout, yet for small business owners, they can often be more stressful than soothing. Even with a full team of […]

Pinterest Tips for Creative Professionals

Creativity is huge on Pinterest. After all, areas like Home Décor, Art, Design, Food, Illustrations and Photography are significant enough to have their own dedicated sections on the site. With so much attention on the finer things, it only makes sense for creative professionals to have a presence on this channel. If you love the […]

How To Effectively Use Hashtags On Instagram

If your business is active on Instagram but you aren’t seeing much growth, incorrect use (or lack) of hashtags may be to blame. Using hashtags on your photos is an effective tool for expanding your reach and gaining new followers, but many business owners don’t understand how to use them. Not using hashtags or using […]

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