3 Custom Ad Audiences You Can Use to Shake Up your Facebook Ad Results

Stuck in a Facebook rut? If you’ve stuck to traditional interest-based targeting for your Facebook ads, it might feel like you’re running out of ideas or new people to target with your ads. If the audience you’ve been using hasn’t been converting the way that is was, or the way you had hoped, it might […]

Instagram Videos: How To Turn Small Squares Into Big Stories

instagram marketing

Most of the greatest things in the world are rooted in small beginnings. Their fuel for growth is often a mixture of time, effort, and adaptability. These are the same three components that, when utilized, will help you grow your brand and tell your story. While you may only have a small square to work […]

How Using Facebook’s Creative Hub Can Give Your Ads a Leg Up

The hot ticket in digital marketing and social media management these days is summed up in two words: Facebook Ads. A good marketer should always know how to create a stellar Facebook Ad…but it’s not always easy. The team at KWSM is constantly on the lookout for tools and practices to help optimize our ads, […]

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