How LinkedIn Can Support Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Is it true that LinkedIn can support your digital marketing strategy? Social media has become a key element in any effective digital marketing strategy. On LinkedIn specifically, customers look for industry information, including new potential roles to advance their careers, as well as product and service information and opportunities for one-on-one conversations with brands. These […]

How X, Or Twitter, Supports Your Digital Marketing Strategy

how Twitter supports your digital marketing strategy

How is it that X, formerly known as Twitter, supports your digital marketing strategy? X (which we’ll continue to call Twitter here – sorry, Elon!) has become a sneaky asset for some business owners’ digital marketing campaigns as a way to expand your audience and share important updates. In fact, more than half of B2B […]

Everything You Need To Know About Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy

Get Your Digital Marketing Strategy at KWSM: a digital marketing agency

What is a digital marketing strategy? Do you even need one? How do you create a digital marketing strategy, and what should be in it? We’ll answer the second question first. If you’re trying to grow your brand, increase sales, or generally grow your business, the answer is yes, you need a digital marketing strategy. […]

What do YouTube Handles Mean for Business Owners?

YouTube handles are one of the newest tools for creators and businesses. These new handles are designed to help users’ channels get more easily discovered and engage with the community. Learn more about this new tool and discover how it can support your YouTube marketing efforts. Handle vs URL Many YouTube channels already have customized URLs. […]

3 Digital Marketing Strategies to Consider this Holiday Season

wrapped holiday gifts piled on top of one another

The holiday season is officially here, but preparations have been underway for most businesses since the end of summer. Staying ahead of the curve is key for businesses that aim to get their customers’ attention during this busy time of year. It’s important to remind them of what they need before they need it.  No […]

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