3 Benefits of Brand Journalism for Small Businesses

Brand Journalism for Small Businesses

How does brand journalism benefit small businesses in comparison to other content marketing methods? There are a lot of ways to approach digital marketing, both from a strategic and tactical perspective. After seeing some of those approaches at other agencies, I joined KWSM as a Senior Copywriter in part because of the opportunity to tell […]

5 Benefits of Using Brand Journalism to Share Your Company’s Story

brand journalism share your story

What is brand journalism, and how does sharing your company’s story make marketing more effective for your business? As a Senior Copywriter at KWSM (and a recovering journalist), I’ve seen other marketing agencies deliver hit-or-miss results because they were chasing trends and tactics, not relying on proven principles. In my experience, brand journalism is an […]

Developing PR Skills | KWSM Mentorship Program

Man in suit talking into microphone whlie practicing public relations speaking skills

PR and Marketing go hand-in-hand. Recently, I was able to teach PR skills to a teammate and flex my digital marketing muscles through KWSM’s Mentorship Program. KWSM’s Mentorship Program Here at KWSM, we believe you should never stop learning. Our annual mentorship program is a way to focus on one aspect of digital marketing and […]

3 B2B Marketing Trends

3 B2B Marketing Trends

As a business owner or operator, you’ve likely changed many business practices over the last few years – whether that’s streamlining inefficiencies or adopting a hybrid/remote work environment.  The marketing landscape has changed in that time, and for businesses looking to connect and work with other businesses, the approach to making a connection has also […]

Why Blogging is an Essential Element of B2B Marketing

Why Blogging is an Essential Element of B2B Marketing

Strong search rankings are fundamental for business-to-business (B2B) companies looking to succeed with their digital marketing strategies. Content marketing strategies like blogging can be used for B2B companies to improve search rankings and increase organic traffic to their website. Whether you’re already blogging and looking for best practices or you need to create a fresh […]

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