In The News: Twitter Hides Replies, Snapchat Launches Creator Shows, and Instagram Makes you Think Twice
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Social media is trying to be a better place for everyone – making small but important adjustments along the way. This week Instagram and Twitter both rolled out features to make it a safer spot, while Snapchat added a new … Read More

Social Media is NOT Exempt to Trial and Error

Success and failures are a part of life and both teach us incredible lessons valuable to making us better. While many look to social media to be totally figured out before it becomes public, often social media platforms are learning … Read More

Transparency is the Newest Trend on Social Media

Times are quickly changing and there is a new drive across nearly every existing platform toward one thing: transparency. The rise of targeted ads, sponsored content, and influencers have left many users skeptical of authentic posts, causing some to walk … Read More

A Passport You Never Have To Renew

Three completely different platforms release new features with the same goal of helping users to better tell their story. This week in social media news, Snapchat started testing a feature – called Passport – that allows your friends to virtually … Read More

How to Access Facebook Messenger’s Secret Feature

Facebook Messenger has a secret feature, and we have the code to access it, Instagram’s new Checkout feature will speed up your shopping process in-app, and Snapchat is going to be adding a gaming platform soon. This week’s trending stories … Read More

What’s Up With LinkedIn Hashtags?

Hashtags – everyone has an opinion about them between how many is too many and if its worth to use them on certain platforms. Since the pound sign became a “hashtag” on Twitter in 2007, it’s been used to start … Read More

Hop On Board the Vertical Social Media TV Train

You spot something epic; and like millions of others, you stop to pull your phone out to record it. Question: do you hold your phone vertically or horizontally? If you said vertically, you’re like many others accelerating the trend of … Read More

Facebook Goes All In on AI for e-commerce

Snapchat uses a VR feature to celebrate Black History Month, Facebook acquires a new shopping software, and YouTube is changing its algorithm to help you out. These are some of the trending stories in social media this week.   Take … Read More

Why Your Business Needs Social Media

Every year, more business owners and CEOs learn how social media can help grow a brand’s presence. Social media allows companies to connect with their consumers in a way that offers a more personal connection and a lot more immediacy. … Read More

Facebook’s Latest Change is Music to Your Ears

Facebook is turning things up to 11 for both its Stories and Newsfeed by adding music.   Meanwhile, Twitter wants to take conversations even more real-time with the introduction of icebreakers.   And Snapchat continues to feel the pressure from other platforms, … Read More

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