The Difference Between In-Stream Videos and Newsfeed Videos on Facebook Ads

When diving into the world of Facebook Ads Manager, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the number of options you have to create different campaigns. To help, we’re breaking down the difference between a Newsfeed Video and an In-Stream Video … Read More

In The News: SXSW Edition

This week’s edition of In The News will highlight some of the biggest takeaways from the 2019 South by Southwest (SXSW) conference. The conference is well known for being a hub of some of the world’s greatest creatives and innovators … Read More

Video is the Best Play… But Don’t Get Thrown Out Of The Game

LinkedIn Live is creating early success for entrepreneurs, Instagram tries to cope with the poor performance of IGTV, Google+ says goodbye, and YouTube is bringing out the umpires and throwing people out of the game. One thing is sure: the … Read More

LIVE from the Social Media Help Desk – Stealing from Stars | Social Media Help Desk Episode 14

Lights, camera, action! Did you catch this Tuesday’s LIVE Social Media Help Desk? Each week, members of KWSM team meet to discuss the week’s trending topics and helpful tips for your business’s social media channels! This week, Katie, Angie, and … Read More

Simple Ways To Make Facebook’s New Changes Work For You!

One of, if not the biggest challenge in social media marketing is staying on top of the ever-changing algorithms that affect how many people see your content. Facebook is always changing how they treat publishers and businesses, and the platform’s … Read More

3 Insanely Creative and Easy Ways to Repurpose Your Video Content

With the overflow of competition out there, releasing different forms of content is an absolute must. Gone are the days when we can link to our website every few weeks and call it marketing. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are … Read More

Facebook, Instagram, and Google are increasing the Value of their Video Streaming Apps

Video viewing on social platforms has grown over 80% year over year.  Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are vying for all those eyeballs. Each platform is elevating its video and live-streaming game in order to woo you. Here are some social … Read More

Secrets for Success on the “New” Facebook

Gotcha. There is no “new” Facebook. It’s still the same platform you know and love. What’s really new is the way you use it. Like, comment, share, it’s all the same – but in 2017, you have to beat the … Read More

5 Ways Your Business Can Develop Effective Video Content for Social Media
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It’s no secret that video is everywhere. With a quick scroll through your Facebook and Instagram feeds, you most likely watch at least one video a day thanks to one of the greatest social media features ever: our BFF, Autoplay. … Read More

How to Prep Like a Pro For Your Next Facebook Live Event

Lights, camera, action! But, where is your audience, and why aren’t they tuning in? If used correctly, Facebook Live can serve as a powerful live-stream tool to help your business reach a larger audience. From sporting events and product launches … Read More

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