How to Collect Leads Through Social Media

A man winning a giveaway that he entered as a result of B2B Lead Generation Marketing

New business is something all companies look for in their marketing efforts. While social media can be a key tool for branding and connecting with your audience, it can also be used as a lead generation method. Here’s how to collect leads through social media. Establish Your Brand Voice Your brand voice reflects your company’s […]

Brands Respond to Twitter’s New 280 Character Limit

Like it or not, it’s official…Twitter has made the move to 280 characters. By raising the count from 140 to 280, Twitter hopes it will give users the ability to better express themselves and encourage more people to use the network. So why all the hoopla over a few extra characters? While the update may […]

Facebook Ad Law & Order | What’s Allowed and What Could Get You Locked Up

Facebook Ad Law & Order

In the online world, Facebook is both judge and jury. In any case, it’s Facebook’s world, and we’re just living in it. This gives Facebook the power to decide what you can and cannot post on the platform. The rules get even more strict when it comes to Facebook advertising. Play by the rules, and […]

What Is A Video View?

What Is A Video View?

When it comes to social media, what exactly is a video view? The answer might seem obvious – someone who watched your video, duh! But in reality, what counts as a view isn’t so simple. And to add to that complexity, every social platform has a different way to count video views. What is a […]

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