Hashtags: How Do I Use Them and How Do They Work?

Have you ever scrolled down your newsfeed and come across #photooftheday or #tbt and wondered what this means and why your friends are using these pound signs. Welcome to the world of hashtags! Many people and businesses use hashtags to make it easier for their content to be found by new audiences. Why do individuals […]

The Business of Blogs | Social Media Help Desk Episode 78

It’s Facebook versus online bullies, and Facebook is trying to score the knockout punch in this fight. This week on the Social Media Help Desk, our panel is streaming live out of Atlanta, and we’re discussing the week’s trending topics, the use of hashtags, and how you can utilize blogs to support your business. Rick […]

Hashtagging Crash Course

I have no doubts that someone on the KWSM team has already covered this topic. Heck, I’m sure we’ve even written about it three, four, or ten times. But judging by how often I witness people abusing the living daylights out of hashtags, I feel that revisiting this topic every once in a while would […]

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