How Lawyers Can Serve Up Their Brand Story This Thanksgiving

On this day of thanksgiving, we often reflect on the elements of our lives that we are grateful for and the ways that we’ve learned and grown in the last year. While it is essential to look at these areas of growth, you should also reflect on the root of your passions, such as hobbies […]

4 Last-Minute Thanksgiving & Black Friday Social Media Campaigns For Your Brand

And so it begins—the clock is winding down until the Thanksgiving feasts begin; the holidays are officially amongst us. This season is notoriously known for being the busiest time of year for businesses. With all the responsibility of meeting the end-of-year deadlines, catering to holiday shoppers and preparing for the new year, social media strategies […]

Why I'm Thankful for Social Media

And even though we are far away from our families this year, tucked into our little condo with the dogs, I have never felt closer to all the people in my life. It’s as if we’re sharing Thanksgiving with each and every one of them. Social Media did that. And I think it’s pretty amazing.

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