3 Fears Keeping Businesses Off Social Media

Despite the ever-growing popularity of social media, many business owners are reluctant to establish an online social presence. Some can’t recognize the value of social media and others are simply afraid to branch outside of traditional marketing techniques. All the while, these business owners are missing out on a big opportunity to reach new clients […]

3 Ways To Use YouTube Cards To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Want to get the most out of your YouTube videos?  YouTube cards are an extremely powerful way to maximize your marketing efforts on the channel. It can be hard to drive traffic to your website from your YouTube Channel. Usually, you would have to hope that a person remembers your website address or checks the […]

YouTube: 10 Best Practices

For a small business that would like to add a personal feel to their branding, there is no better medium than YouTube. With more than a billion users, YouTube is an incredibly effective way of reaching the masses. Still, creating quality video content can be intimidating, especially if you are unsure where and how to […]

How to Manually Edit Pictures on Instagram

Whenever a new update comes up on Instagram, one of the first things that people talk about is how many filters have been added to the palate. Instagram filters are a great way to make your pictures look fantastic, but one often-overlooked capability on the platform is the ability to customize your pictures in very […]

DAMAGE CONTROL: 5 Tips to Keep Your Social Media Faux Pas from Turning into a PR Disaster

It happens: the insensitive tweet, the inappropriate comment, the unfortunate typo. Just as in real life, blunders are inevitable on social media and can happen to anyone. Sometimes it’s the result of a poorly thought out idea, sometimes the intent is good but the message is misunderstood, other times it’s just an overlooked spelling mistake. […]

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