Why You Should Start Your Own LinkedIn Group

Groups are powerful tools for networking within LinkedIn, but have you ever thought about taking it a step further and starting your own LinkedIn group? Here are my top five reasons why you should create your own group on LinkedIn: 1. You can be a thought leader: You’re already an expert in your field, so […]

Who's in Charge of Your Brand?

Katie sent us all a great article from the Content Marketing Institute that talks about the importance of brand consistency across social media. Like products, people and companies, brands have reputations and personalities too, and a brand’s voice must always stay genuine, consistent and true in order for it to succeed. Our client list at […]

Are You Using LinkedIn Groups?

Have you been utilizing the Groups feature on LinkedIn? Groups is a powerful way to make connections and network with people, but is often an overlooked feature. You see, networking on LinkedIn can be a little tricky. LinkedIn is like the professional big brother of Facebook. It’s all business, a little play, but strictly no horsing […]

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