What’s the Difference Between Taking Ownership and Accountability in Leadership?

A house of cards, which is what your leadership is like if you aren’t taking ownership and accountability in leadership.

For several months, I had the privilege of participating in the annual KWSM Leadership Program. In this program, I learned something invaluable as I continue to grow as a Copywriter: ownership and accountability are the fires in which leaders are forged. When covering the difference between taking ownership and accountability in leadership, we discussed the […]

Become a More Effective Leader With Extreme Ownership

Become a More Effective Leader With Extreme Ownership_1

One of the resounding themes in KWSM’s leadership training is self-governance. This concept of being in control of your thoughts and emotions directly applies to your success as a leader. It’s about owning your mind and acting with intention. Extreme ownership is an alternative concept to typical ownership. When used correctly, it will help you […]

KWSM Leadership Program: Discover the Leader Inside Yourself

Do you consider yourself a leader? If not, you can be! Many consider leaders to be those in management positions with authority over others. In our leadership training program at KWSM: a digital marketing agency, we learned how you can incorporate leadership skills and practices in every aspect of your life, regardless of your title […]

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