Why Should Business Owners Hire a B2B Lead Generation Agency?

A business handshake for a deal that began with a B2B lead generation agency

When it comes to boosting B2B business, the question of hiring a lead generation agency is critical. In B2B marketing, the right lead generation agency can bridge the gap between your business and potential clients, making the journey from prospect to loyal customer smoother and more efficient. But why should a B2B company consider an […]

Top 3 Ways to Capture Marketing Leads

Trying to capture marketing leads is like searching for buried treasure. You know they’re out there, valuable and waiting, but how do you reel them in? That’s the million-dollar question.  We will share three proven tactics to help capture those elusive leads. By focusing on landing pages, promotional offers, and referrals, you can create a […]

Q & A with Lead Generation Strategy Bootcamp Course Instructor Taylor Lizura

Taylor Lizura

Digital Marketing Bootcamp is back this October with a full series of courses to help your business get the best results from your marketing. The first course in our series “Lead Generation Strategy” is led by our Manager of Content, Advertising, and Training, Taylor Lizura. Taylor is an experienced digital marketer with extensive training in […]

Best Places in Orange County to Create Social Media Content

From miles of sandy beaches to stunning hiking spots with beautiful views, there is no shortage of places in Orange County for you to capture social media content, whether it be for your business or your own personal account.  If you want to keep your audience engaged, making your content fun and aesthetically pleasing is […]

Why Invest In Lead Generation in 2021?

As more businesses become dependent on digital marketing, many owners are turning to lead generation strategies to help them achieve their overall goals. As a result, they are seeing a high return on investment and improvements in customer loyalty. Here are more reasons your business should invest in lead generation this year. Stand Out in […]

Why Understanding The Sales Funnel is Vital to Digital Marketing Success

Why Understanding Lead Generation is Vital to Success

If your business has struggled to achieve its goals when it comes to online conversions, it may be time to take a step back and analyze the bigger picture. While it’s easy to jump right into individual marketing tactics, sometimes the wiser move is pausing to create a smarter overall lead generation strategy that will […]

How to Network and Generate Leads on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has seen a 55% year-over-year increase in conversations worldwide since March 2019. The professional networking platform allows people to connect with coworkers and other professionals and has seen a rise in comments, posts and content creation in the last year. Your business now has the opportunity to reach a growing audience on LinkedIn, with […]

Broken Buzzwords: When cool terms turn cold

We’ve all been there; we’re sitting, reading through the industry’s most prominent news aggregator site catching up on the day’s marketing-musts or watching an influencer’s latest viral video, interested enough to click on the content in the first place. But despite the interesting subject matter and all your will power, you cannot get through the […]

How to Avoid LinkedIn’s Networking Limit

If you use LinkedIn for your lead generation, networking, or hiring, you may have run into the “commercial use limit” set by LinkedIn. This limit restricts you from using LinkedIn prospecting and hiring, without paying. For business owners and recruiters, this limit is slowing down your ability to build a strong LinkedIn network. This blog […]

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