All Businesses Want For Christmas Is Optimized Google Ads Keywords

Whatever your business or industry, Google Ads can be highly effective when used strategically for growing website traffic and generating leads. But what happens when your ads aren’t generating leads?  There are several factors that must work cooperatively in order to achieve success with Google Ads; from the quality of your landing page, ad type, […]

Why Keywords Are Important On Social Media


While every social media platform is different, optimizing your posts for keywords is important on almost every single one. People often search for content or information through keywords, and understanding how to choose and present your keywords to attract your target audience is essential for success. Here’s a breakdown of why keywords are important and […]

3 Common SEO Keyword Mistakes

If your business has a website, SEO should be an essential element in your regular website maintenance. Keywords that improve your SEO ranking should be a cornerstone of your website copy, especially since 93 percent of online experiences now begin with a search engine.    Here are a few common SEO keyword mistakes that you […]

Improve Your Law Firm’s SEO Performance with Blog Posts

Good search rankings are essential for law firms looking to attract local clients. In order to maximize your reach online, your law firm should publish blog posts to present potential clients and referral partners with relevant information about topics within your practice area.  Whether you have never posted a blog before or you post regularly, […]

Are Keywords Really Important for Website Content?

If you are blogging or creating content for your business’s website, you may be wondering if keywords are important to incorporate within your copy. The answer is, yes!   First, in order to understand the effectiveness of keywords, you need to understand the importance of SEO. SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization.” Successful SEO provides […]

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