Google Features that Should be a Key Part of your Marketing Strategy

Google has many useful features outside of their well known Google Search and Gmail. In fact, they have so many features that there’s a chance you don’t even know about all of them. A few of these features can help boost your business’ digital marketing efforts and support your data-driven digital marketing strategy.  Google Analytics […]

How is Google Analytics Used in Digital Marketing?

Google Analytics is one of the most useful tools in digital marketing. If your business has a website or an online presence, this tool allows you to get insight into valuable information about your audience.  Additionally, pairing a strong digital marketing plan with Google Analytics will help you gather data that can help you achieve […]

4 Important Google Analytics Metrics in 2021

Google Analytics is one of the most vital tools when it comes to gaining insight into your business’s website, especially for digital marketing data. Did your social media ad drive traffic back to your website? Did your e-blast successfully lead customers to your website contact form? Are your keyword-rich blogs ranking as top viewed pages […]

The Best Metrics to Track in Google Analytics


If you have Google Analytics set up for your business website (which you should), you know the vast amount of information the platform provides. You can see anything and everything that happens on your website, but without proper direction and understanding of the data, it can be easy to get lost down a rabbit hole. […]

In the News: Google Elevates Google Analytics as Facebook and Twitter Add New Features

As we head closer to the holidays, many social media platforms are gearing up with extra tools and features. Google Updates Google Analytics Google has added some new updates to Google Analytics, including machine learning to help monitor and track key data trends, and alert marketers and business owners to new opportunities. Google has also […]

Tracking Your Law Firm’s Success in Google Analytics

Your law firm’s website is up and running, but do you know if it is really working for you? Your website should be the hub of all your marketing efforts, and once you establish trust with your audience through the digital content that you create, your website should engage them to create conversions and leads.  […]

Setting Goals In Google Analytics is Essential. Here’s Why.


By now, you’ve likely heard of Google Analytics. If you’re running a marketing program for your business, you’ve likely used it as well. This tool is extremely useful, but if you are not able to put in the time to learn it’s extensive capabilities, it can also be very confusing. No matter your skill level, […]

Analytics 101: How KWSM’s Web Project Manager Uses Google Analytics

Analytics 101 - How KWSM’s Web Project Manager Uses Google Analytics

No matter which role you have in your organization, there is going to be valuable information hidden inside of Google Analytics for you. At KWSM: a digital marketing agency, we usually have our Content Editors and Digital Marketing Strategists analyzing Google Analytics for our clients. Each month our clients receive a report that is filled […]

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