Simple Strategies to Start on Social Media

If you’re new to using social media for your business, it can admittedly be overwhelming.  I have friends, long time college veterans of Facebook, who have disabled their Facebook accounts for personal reasons, only to come back later, barraged with all of the changes that Facebook invariably throws at us. If my friends, who I […]

Where Do You Find Content?

There is an abundance of information and content floating around in the internet, but the question is, what is the best? Surely, we all don’t have time to go aimlessly searching for good articles, links, facts and information everyday to find something to populate our social media content. Here are some ways that can help […]

Reflections from Brian Solis' Keynote

This past Wednesday I had the pleasure of attending the LinkedOC event featuring renowned author and thought-leader, Brian Solis.  Solis is the author of the best-selling book “The End of Business as Usual”, and his keynote revolved around the book’s themes of  social commerce and social media in business. The consumer marketplace and the way […]

Anti-Social: Why I'm Not Returning Your Phone Calls

As business owners, we all play so many roles in our companies. Answer the phone, meet with perspective clients, send proposals, follow up on proposals, check in with existing clients, send invoices, track down invoices, answer emails, return phone calls, do some marketing, keep the books, make appointments…. oh yeah, and somewhere in there, DO the work! And now, because we are all using social media so dutifully to grow our businesses, add to that: update Facebook, update Twitter, connect on Linked In, write the blog, check in on FourSquare, solicit reviews on Yelp, upload videos on YouTube, participate in Linked In Groups, respond to Facebook comments, retweet someone on Twitter, shoot new videos on YouTube… the list is never-ending. Sometimes I dream in a Facebook newsfeed. I swear I do.

Why Klout Matters, It’s Not Entirely an Ego Thing

If you have more than three social media accounts you should know what Klout is.  A quick primer: Klout measures your involvement on social media and gives you a score.  Klout doesn’t share your information with those accounts, rather it looks at how you use LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google + and such to form a […]

Is Local Business Not a Fan of Social Media?

A report from Pew recently revealed that a majority of people are using the internet to research local business.  However, far fewer are using social networking sites to get opinions on these businesses.  Pew is a reputable polling service.  However, the poll was conducted over the phone, which means that it was done over a […]

Word of Mouth: Urbanspoon, Yelp and Angie’s List


Back in the way back day AM radio served the unique purpose of connecting people who needed things.  Maybe they had something for sale or needed a service done to their house.  Whatever, it was, they needed something and quite often a source from outside their immediate circle of influence could assist them.  That was […]

Foursquare and American Express = The Social Currency

Do you have a Foursquare account? How about an American Express card? Great! You’re now part of  The Social Currency. Last year, American Express partnered up with Foursquare to launch an iPhone app called Social Currency. It helped you keep track of your purchases, make a wish list, and send product requests to friends and […]

Work ON Your Social Media, Not In It

I had the opportunity to see Michael E. Gerber, the author of the E-Myth, speak the other day. I have read his book, but hearing him speak was a entirely different experience. Inspiring, thought provoking, and motivating don’t even begin to describe it. His message was so much bigger than just how to make money […]

The Couch Potatoes Get Glued

When Foursquare went mainstream and became popular, the couch potatoes had a lot to complain about. What were they to do? How were they supposed to participate in the fun? How do you check into something from your La-Z-Boy? GetGlue had the solution to their problem. Based out of New York and named one of […]

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