How to Increase Video Views on YouTube

Video content creation can be a great way to express your brand’s message in a visual and engaging way. If you’re spending the time and energy producing quality content for your company, you want to make sure your target audience is accessing it. Some companies manage their YouTube channel with a “build it and they […]

Creative Ways to Use Facebook’s ‘Get Calls’ or ‘Get Messages’ Post Features

Facebook’s private messenger and “Call Now” button gives consumers a more convenient way to communicate with businesses. Now social media’s largest platform is also helping you get more creative with an update to its posting interface. The “get messages” and “get phone calls” features allow businesses to create a post that encourages customers to get […]

An Inside Look at Audience Behavior on Social Media

Social media has been changing and evolving for years. Look back to the days of MySpace, before Facebook even existed. Then Facebook stole the popularity, Twitter was growing in numbers and those were the only two platforms a social media user would name. Instagram came along placing emphasis on pictures being shared. Soon, Snapchat shocked […]

3 Ways To Utilize Notes On Facebook

In a Newsfeed filled with quick status updates and easy-to-read posts, where do Notes fit in on Facebook? Notes is a simple text editor that allows you to publish documents or blog entries on Facebook. While Facebook Notes have been an almost dormant feature on Facebook for some time, but with the introduction of a […]

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