Facebook Ads: Why Are They Important?

facebook ads

We see them all the time as we scroll through our newsfeed on Facebook, but have you ever wondered how Facebook ads really work? They can be intimidating for many businesses, but there are several reasons why they can help your business – whether it’s a product or a service.   You Can Reach Your […]

Facebook: Everything You Need to Know About Ad Campaign Updates

Facebook recently updated their advertising campaign structure and changed the process for creating advertisements. Facebook Campaigns are now created in the following order: Create your campaign Create your Ad Sets Create your Ads  1. Create your Campaign Each advertising campaign will now correspond to a single advertising objective, such as gaining likes on your Facebook page […]

Creating Effective Ads on Facebook

With approximately 1 billion active monthly users on Facebook, it can be a great place to advertise your product or service. Facebook has made available a number of ways to advertise, including: Facebook Ads, Sponsored Stories, Promoted Posts, Sponsored Apps, Event Sponsorship, and Sponsored results. I will be focusing on Facebook Ads; specifically ads that […]

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