What is a Brand Journalism Approach to Content Marketing?

A woman reading a newspaper and experiencing a brand journalism approach in content marketing

When writing marketing copy and content, anybody can put words on a page. But that page is as good as blank if it fails to tell a substantial story. KWSM has been crafting professional stories for businesses across many industries for 13+ years to engage better and connect with readers, establish themselves as authorities, and […]

6 Benefits of Video Marketing

An influencer making a video with a ring light, reaping the benefits of video marketing done right.

Video is a game-changer in marketing. It’s more than just a trend; it’s reshaping the way we tell our business’s story and connect with our audiences.  From enhancing user engagement and boosting SEO rankings to increasing conversion rates and building a brand identity, the benefits of video marketing are clear and compelling. This shift toward […]

What is Employer Branding and Why You Need a Strategy

employer branding and strategy kwsm

Why is employer branding important, and how could it benefit my business? Struggling to attract and retain top-tier talent? You’re not alone. Many growing companies face this challenge. At KWSM, we’ve been collaborating with businesses facing these challenges since 2010. We’ve found that investing in employer branding offers an all-encompassing approach to boosting your company’s […]

Does AI Kill SEO-Rich Content? Bing and Google Say AI Helps Your Content Shine 

  There has been a lot of hyperbole, speculation, and faulty assumptions about AI’s role in Search as both Google and Bing create AI-enabled Search and Chat properties. Does AI, like Bing-GPT or Google’s SGE, kill SEO and content? As the VP of Strategy at KWSM, I went straight to the source – Michael Schechter, VP […]

Do Press Releases Still Work in 2024?

Crowd of people on the street after reading a press release

It’s 2024 and the way people source their news has changed dramatically. It’s natural for businesses to ask: “Do press releases still work?” As digital marketers and brand journalists, we know firsthand how media is constantly evolving. While the way people source their news has changed, research shows us that press releases still drive remarkable […]

Everything You Need To Know About Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy

Get Your Digital Marketing Strategy at KWSM: a digital marketing agency

What is a digital marketing strategy? Do you even need one? How do you create a digital marketing strategy, and what should be in it? We’ll answer the second question first. If you’re trying to grow your brand, increase sales, or generally grow your business, the answer is yes, you need a digital marketing strategy. […]

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