Best Practices in Partnering with Instagram Influencers

Best Practices in Partnering with Instagram Influencers

Influencers have dominated Instagram in recent years, proving the effectiveness and power behind a personal brand on social media. Now that businesses are recognizing the use of influencers as a valuable marketing tactic, these collaborations and partnerships are becoming more common. As influencer marketing becomes more prevalent, businesses need to know which influencers are a […]

Mad for March Madness | Social Media Help Desk Episode 52

The whole country, including our KWSM team, has gone MAD for March Madness. This week on the Social Media Help Desk, we’re kicking things off discussing how companies just like ours can leverage the popularity of March Madness in their social content. Our host, Stephen Wagner, is then leading the discussion on Facebook ads as […]

Instagram’s Branded Content Ads – What You Need To Know

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Sponsored posts have become a necessity for brands to get their content seen by their audience. As it continues to flourish, platforms are constantly revamping and introducing new features to support this growth. As more brands look to influencers to help them get their message out, Instagram has made changes to its influencer-marketing tools. Branded […]

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