Social Media and You

Social media has blossomed from its early origins of sites like Xanga and Myspace to a more relevant marketing phenomenon.   Businesses and marketers have endless tools at their fingertips that facilitate nationwide and even global recognition.  Social media has leaped across borders, has united societies and has brought a whole new x factor to marketing.  […]

Why Should I Blog? | Blogging Advice

The team here at KWSM is all taking the Inbound Marketing certification course over at IMU, and the first session was about blogging.  Now, we’re seasoned experts with blogging (have you seen ours?), but we did get some pretty good information from our first Inbound Marketing class.  We take blogging for granted because it has […]

Good Content: The Secret to Lead Generation

Marketing today is very different than it used to be. In today’s environment, we have to move away from traditional mass marketing because we have so many tools to tune out marketing messages—DVRs and satellite radio allow us to skip commercials, we read fewer traditional newspapers and magazines and we collect a lot of information online […]

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