3 Hard Truths About the New Facebook Newsfeed

By now, you’ve probably heard that Facebook is rolling out more changes to the way users are able to consume content. Perhaps you even have the ‘new newsfeed’ already? If so, you will know that your Facebook fans now have the option to sort how they view content in their newsfeed. The choices include… ‘Most […]

Holidays & Social Media

It is imperative when managing your Social Media channels, that you pay attention to current events. If you are the social voice of your company online, I highly recommend to make sure that you are fully aware of upcoming holidays, keeping a frequent eye on the news, and tracking high publicity events. Holidays are big […]

Join in on the Conversations

News flash! Britney Spears is engaged! Yes, I know what you’re thinking: I thought she was married with two kids already.  But no, according to the popular trends on Twitter, the has-been teen pop star clearly has done it again. Not that I care, but apparently a lot of other people do, so much to […]

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