3 Easy Ways to Improve Employer Branding

Ways to Improve Employer Branding

You want your company to stand out, and not just for what you sell or the services you provide. The vibe of your workplace, the camaraderie among team members — this is the stuff that can make someone excited to join your team.  You likely already know the value of employer branding in attracting top-tier […]

How Employer Branding Helps With Hiring

A group of happy employees. How Employer Branding Helps With Hiring

You’re building a brand from the ground up, facing challenges head-on. But there’s one obstacle that keeps occurring: finding the right talent. Applications may be coming in, but they rarely bring the quality you need. It’s frustrating and time-consuming, pulling you away from focusing on growth. Luckily, there’s a way to attract better candidates! Let’s […]

How Employer Branding Helps With Employee Retention

  Do you find yourself in a never-ending cycle of hiring just to see your top talent walk out the door? You’re not alone. Organizations everywhere are grappling with unprecedented turnover rates, leaving them caught in a whirlwind of soaring recruitment costs, declining productivity, and plummeting morale. Employee retention takes effort, and given the stakes, […]

How Employer Branding Helps Attract New Talent and Retain Top Talent

Building a birdhouse to attract birds, the same way employer branding attracts candidates.

Employer branding is a lot like a birdhouse. Building a good one requires time, planning, and care. Why all the effort? Because you know that a well-constructed birdhouse will not only attract a variety of birds but also encourage them to stay, build a nest, and become long-term residents of your backyard. The same holds […]

What is Employer Branding and Why You Need a Strategy

employer branding and strategy kwsm

Why is employer branding important, and how could it benefit my business? Struggling to attract and retain top-tier talent? You’re not alone. Many growing companies face this challenge. At KWSM, we’ve been collaborating with businesses facing these challenges since 2010. We’ve found that investing in employer branding offers an all-encompassing approach to boosting your company’s […]

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