How Employer Branding Helps Attract New Talent and Retain Top Talent

A person building a birdhouse so birds seek them out and not the other way around, which is a fitting metaphor for how employer branding helps attract new talent and retain top talent.

Employer branding is a lot like building a birdhouse. It requires considerable time and effort to make your raw materials match the vision in your head.  But when you build a birdhouse (and maybe even a birdbath for added aviary luxury), the birds will come to you. More importantly, they’re far more likely to build […]

How Strong Employer Branding Helps Reduce Attrition?

A record number of employees are departing their roles or considering quitting. Organizations that learn why and act carefully will have an advantage in retaining talent. High attrition rates lead to increased recruitment and training costs, loss of productivity, and decreased employee morale. In today’s competitive job market, it’s critical for organizations to build a […]

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