Instagram Launches Voice Messaging

What’s old is new again.  Talking made way for texting and now one social media platform is going retro. Instagram is launching its own version of voice messaging. Meanwhile, Facebook tells its audience that sharing is caring, while Snapchat creates a new content series for advertising success. These are the trending stories in social media […]

The [Atlanta] Home Office

Working at my parents dining room table… 4 nieces (under the age of 5), 2 siblings, 2 parents and one dog underfoot… and still in PJs while we wait on our turn to shower… but just look at that concentration!

1st We Eat, Then We Workout!

Celebrating the holidays at an open house for A Theory in Motion Pilates studio. That’s me with owner (and Pilates instructor extraordinaire) Tamara Wiper.

Core Values at KWSM a digital marketing agency