Brand Journalism in Action: Using Story to Grow Sales

Journalism and marketing have worked hand-in-hand together since the horse-and-buggy days. Brand journalism, however, takes marketing to the next level by using story to grow sales directly. As a Senior Copywriter at KWSM, I’ve seen brand journalism generate successful results for companies of all shapes and sizes. From marketplace awareness to product sales, brand journalism […]

3 Benefits of Brand Journalism for Small Businesses

Brand Journalism for Small Businesses

How does brand journalism benefit small businesses in comparison to other content marketing methods? There are a lot of ways to approach digital marketing, both from a strategic and tactical perspective. After seeing some of those approaches at other agencies, I joined KWSM as a Senior Copywriter in part because of the opportunity to tell […]

How A Brand Journalism Case Study Approach Drives Leads

A brand journalist working for a client, a shining example of the benefits that this brand journalism case study illustrates.

To generate leads, you must generate interest, which is easier said than done.  One of the best ways to create interest is through a content marketing strategy known as brand journalism. Brand journalism is an approach that incorporates characteristics of traditional news media to align content with the customer’s experience while maintaining objectivity and integrity, […]

5 Benefits of Using Brand Journalism to Share Your Company’s Story

brand journalism share your story

What is brand journalism, and how does sharing your company’s story make marketing more effective for your business? As a Senior Copywriter at KWSM (and a recovering journalist), I’ve seen other marketing agencies deliver hit-or-miss results because they were chasing trends and tactics, not relying on proven principles. In my experience, brand journalism is an […]

A Brand Journalism Case Study: How this Approach Benefits Content Marketing

By taking a brand journalism approach to content marketing, companies can distinguish themselves and create a deeper connection with their target audience. This approach entails humanizing brands by telling the story behind them. This more engaging, valuable, and authentic content helps businesses realize greater success. A brand journalism case study is a great way to […]

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