Rock Paper Scissors Approach to Business Strategy

People roleplaying business strategy through a game of Rock Paper Scissors.

The KWSM Celebrations Committee held a company-wide Rock Paper Scissors tournament, and I lost to my teammate Epiphany Hunter in the championship match. The experience reminded me that Rock Paper Scissors is a simple game, but it can teach us a lot about business strategy. I learned this lesson from sitting in on a lecture […]

Finding Your Law Firm’s Brand Voice

Each law firm and its lawyers have a different personality and expertise, and before you create messaging for your brand online — through your website, social media, ads, and more — you need to determine what your brand is, and what your tone of voice should sound like.    This decision may seem intimidating, but […]

Why KWSM’s Culture is So Sweet: The Sugar Bowl

As part of our culture at KWSM: a digital marketing agency, celebrating our team members is just as important as celebrating our clients, and our work. The best way to honor our team is to have monthly celebrations for birthdays or workaversaries. This could include lunch, or an outing, or a fierce game competition. When […]

Facebook’s Latest Change is Music to Your Ears

Facebook is turning things up to 11 for both its Stories and Newsfeed by adding music.   Meanwhile, Twitter wants to take conversations even more real-time with the introduction of icebreakers.   And Snapchat continues to feel the pressure from other platforms, most importantly, Instagram.  These are some of the stories making news in social media this […]

Core Values at KWSM a digital marketing agency