Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area Alliance: This Atlanta Non-Profit Used Influencer Marketing To Spread An Important Message

In the summer of 2021, the AMNHA realized that many park visitors were still unaware of how to hike in a manner that protected the unique and important ecosystems on Arabia Mountain, despite their frequent organic social media posts and blogs on the subject. Many visitors were regularly walking through areas on the rock face that harmed the plants and organisms that live within them. As an organization that serves to protect nature and educate the public on how to do so, AMNHA needed our help to spread greater awareness. 

Our team knew right away that if our goal was to reach Atlanta locals quickly and effectively to spread this message, an Instagram influencer marketing campaign was the best tactic to use. We titled this campaign #PreserveThePark.

Services We Provided

Influencer Marketing

Blogging Strategy/SEO

Social Media Management

The Results

Within just two months of partnering with local Atlanta influencers to promote #PreserveThePark:

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Instagram Reach Increase
0 %
Instagram Impressions Increase
0 %
Instagram Followers Increase
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Site Traffic From Social Media Increase
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Pageviews On #PreserveThePark blogs

Plus: Increase In Foot Traffic To The Park

Our Strategy

We started by doing extensive research on Google and within Instagram itself to find local influencers in Atlanta who are passionate about the outdoors, as well as influencers known for sharing family-friendly spots in and around the city where parents can take their children for a day of fun. 

After we found about 20 eligible influencers, the client determined their budget for the campaign, and we started collecting each of the influencer’s rates for Instagram posts and stories (influencers get paid for each piece of content they create). We then worked with AMNHA to decide which influencers were the best fit and how to best allocate their budget among them. Once the influencers were finalized, we sent contracts for them to sign that laid out all details of the campaign and partnership. 

Social Media Content

Each month between May-July, we had at least two influencers posting in-feed content and stories for our #PreserveThePark campaign. Their posts showcased the beauty, history, and various attractions of the landscape while simultaneously educating audiences on how to explore responsibly and protect the environment. We would then share these posts to Arabia Mountain’s Instagram and other social media channels to extend the reach of those posts to their existing audience.

Blogging Strategy/SEO

We also encouraged the AMNHA team to write a blog featuring each influencer’s post to help spread the word about the campaign and boost their site’s SEO. Once they wrote the blog, our team would add helpful SEO terms and metadata to give the page the best chance at ranking for terms like “#PreserveThePark,” “Arabia Mountain,” “Hiking in Atlanta,” etc.

Blogging/Content Optimization

A lead generation campaign is not solely dependent on a PPC strategy. In addition to our Google ad funnel, we reached audiences using a blogging and content optimization strategy. 

Our strategy included SEO optimization, monthly ongoing website work to improve the SERP ranking, and weekly blog posts. These blogs were strategic with keyword placement and focused on the frequently asked questions that potential Contour Light buyers were searching for.

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