Americover Case Study

Americover: Using PR For A New Product Launch

In the summer of 2022, our client, a US-based plastic sheeting manufacturer, was getting ready to launch a new mold vapor barrier product. They enlisted KWSM’s PR services to help drive awareness about the launch and leverage this innovative product to set them apart from competitors.

Services We Provided

Press Release Writing & Distribution

Email Marketing



The Results

Within the first 24 hours after the release was distributed, it had generated:

1 st
Sale Of The New Product
Total Picks-Ups From Construction Publications
1 k
Press Release Views
Product Page Views

And, within 30 days after distribution, the client reported $4K in revenue via online orders of the new product. 

Since the launch, the product continues to bring in over $2K consistently each month.

Our Strategy

We wrote a comprehensive press release that highlighted the product’s innovative mold prevention technology, educated the audience on the prevalence of mold within homes and why prevention is so important, and provided credibility by showcasing our client’s 25 years of experience providing their customers with high-quality products and personalized service.

Press Release Distribution

Once the release was written and approved by our client, it was time to get eyes on it. We sent it directly to a list of media contacts that we sourced, including relevant magazines, bloggers, trade publications, and influential personalities in the home and commercial building industries.

Americover Case Study

Supporting Services

In addition to sending the press release out to new contacts, we also:

  • Wrote weekly blogs to help Americover’s site rank for SEO-related keywords such as the product name, type, and characteristics. 
  • Sent the press release and supporting blogs to Americover’s existing email lists to spread the work about the new product to their existing customers and prospects.
  • Ran low-budget PPC ads to the new product page to take up more digital real estate in Google search results.
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