How to Leverage Social Proof in Social Media Marketing

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon where people mimic the actions of others in an attempt to exhibit correct behavior for a given situation.  Human are pack animals, and when we are unsure of how to act, we look to others for cues on how to behave. The more people that tell us great things […]

Does Your Business Have Social Proof?

Social Proof is a psychological phenomenon that means that when someone is in a new situation and doesn’t know what to do – they assume that everyone else is right! That means, if you’re checking out a business, you look at case studies and testimonials, because you want to know that others have done business […]

What is Social Proof – And Why is it Important for Your Business?

The dictionary defines social proof as “A psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others reflect correct behavior.” It’s human nature that when we enter a new situation, we look to those around us to show us how to react. Social proof is driven by the assumption that other people possess more knowledge than […]

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