Need Clients? Work Your Social Media.

If you think of your website as the credibility piece in your marketing plan, you can think of your social media presence as your authenticity piece. In today’s world, people demand to know more about the things they purchase, and especially the people they purchase them from. Why? Because they can. Now that a social media presence is becoming standard equipment for businesses, consumers can build a deeper connection with the brands they interact with. Today’s ‘marketing’ consists of daily conversation with customers on social channels. Those customers want to see the faces and hear the voices of the people behind your company. They want to read things you’ve written. They want to read things other people have said about you.

How to Prospect Using LinkedIn

Looking for new referral sources or strategic partners? Look no further than your LinkedIn account! You already know the types of professionals you like to network with – finding and meeting them can be much easier if you use the power of your LinkedIn connections. Here’s how to get started: 1. Search for people you […]

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