How to Avoid Using Restricted Images in Your Blogs

It’s easy to play fast and loose with the images you use on your blog or website.  There are countless websites out there, what are the odds of a stock image site catching you use their images? Unfortunately, they’re pretty good.  Demand letters from stock photo sources are becoming an all-too-common occurrence in the mailboxes […]

4 Lesser-Known Rules You’re Breaking on Pinterest

Has your company been using Pinterest to its full potential? While most of us know to post attractive images and write interesting captions, there are a few details that, if overlooked, can prevent people from seeing your content. Here are four of the most important rules that people tend to forget on Pinterest: Clearly name […]

Writing a Description on Your Pins to be Found in Search

When writing for Pinterest, make sure to add a clear and correct title to your post.  Pinterest can be a very effective tool for sharing your business with the online community, and correctly titling your posts is an easy way to gain more exposure.   Photo Credit: @purpleepineapple  

Driving YouTube Traffic with Pinterest

I bet you are wondering what YouTube and Pinterest actually have to do with one another. Well, aside from the fact that they are both highly utilized Social Media channels – they work as a great team to complement one another. This means that you can use both channels together to bring yourself more business. […]

Pinterest Best Practices for Businesses

Recently, Pinterest claimed the spot as the world’s third most popular social media site. Pinterest is an online visual bulletin board, where you can “pin” up pictures of just about anything.  You can categorize your pins into different boards, and “repin” other people’s material (much like the reblogging feature from Tumblr). Pinterest is a great visual […]

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