Why Consistency is Key for Social Media

Are you being consistent with your social media?  This may seem like a simple question, but when we break it down, there are many different pieces to look at. Consistency does not just mean your are posting a certain number of times a day, every day.  That is definitely a part of it.  However, being […]

My Day with Working Wardrobes

I have known about Working Wardrobes for a while now.  I have donated clothes to them through their boutique stores “The Hanger” and have always known they are a quality organization.  However, I had no idea just how much they do and provide for their ‘clients’. This weekend I was able to fully experience what […]

One Big Thing You Might be Missing on your Facebook Fan Page

When Facebook switched all fan pages to the timeline, they made some major changes.  Some are more obvious than others (like the cover photo), while others are more subtle.  With all these changes, there is quite the learning curve. There is one feature that we have found gets overlooked more often than not.  And this […]

What is the ROI on Social Media?

I’m a numbers guy.  More specifically, I’m a money guy.  In every job I have ever had, the primary goal was always to make money.  It’s why I love working with business owners and their social media – because we help them tell the story of their business, grow their client or customer base and […]

What's There to Like about the New Timeline?

When the Timeline first came out for fan pages, I wasn’t psyched about it. (Admittedly, I’m not good with change… but Facebook seems to be hell-bent on helping with my personal development!) But now that I’ve lived with it for a couple of weeks, I have found some things I really like about the new […]

Social Media Takes Time

I like things that take time.  I don’t like things TO take time, simply things that require time to work, and work well.  Like a good wine, or composing a symphony, or mastering a skill, the best things in life don’t simply happen.  No, the best things in life require dedication, commitment, patience and time. […]

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