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Rated 95+/100 in an Independent 3rd Party Survey by Inc. Magazine Best Places to Work 2019 - 2023

When I joined KWSM: a digital marketing agency, I was looking for an organization where I could be confident in my own work abilities and in my team. I was looking for a home, a place where I could see myself growing both personally and professionally. KWSM has exceeded my expectations. Their initiatives and programs help to make us, as employees, stronger and more engaged with our work. Our leaders support and uplift us, providing a positive spirit that radiates even through Zoom. The work that I do is engaging, and sometimes challenging, but I always feel as though I can call on any team member to help me address a challenge. KWSM, as an organization, provides me with the inspiration to produce my best work, and the courage to grow professionally in a variety of skills.

KWSM is a great place to work. Whether you have years of experience or are just starting out in your career, there is a place for you. The organization has endless opportunities for personal growth and always has each other’s backs. No matter what is going on in your life, or with your work, all of the team members, including the senior leadership, is willing to help you in any way possible. I love working here and have seen myself progress in my marketing career as well as get to know great humans. Everyone here truly wants to be a part of the organization.

I’ve been a part of a few different agencies over the years, and my time at KWSM has really blown away what my impression of “agency life” previously was. So many places hire smart people – But don’t focus on getting the right people. Katie (our fearless owner) goes out of her way to build teams of people who connect with and support each other on many different levels. Her people first approach has led to a work environment that is not only conducive to professional development and results, but also a highlight of many of our days. One last thought – The whole company has gone above and beyond with giving me the flexibility to adjust to many unexpected events that life has thrown at me. I appreciate the lack of hesitation to help team members at a moments notice, and would recommend this company to anyone.

I cannot express enough how important it is to me to be a part of the KWSM team. Katie has worked hard to turn a small social media agency into something great, and it starts with her leadership style and the people she has cultivated around her. From Jeff, my supervisor, to Stephen and others on the leadership team; I never feel alone if a task becomes too great. I think that any organization can push people to work hard and do a good job. What makes KWSM different and sets it up as one of the greatest place to work is that employees here don’t need to be reminded of how important their jobs are. We are motivated by the example put forth by our leaders and the team around us. I take pride in working here, and see each of KWSM’s wins as if they’re a win of my own.

Everyone at KWSM is constantly working as a team and always having each other’s back. I’ve never worked for a company where the managers actually listen. If I have a problem, they’re here to help find a solution. If I have an idea, they’re open to hearing about it. They’re not just planning for the future of the company but for the future of my career. They want to me succeed and that alone makes me feel really appreciated! Knowing that I’m valued at work is what makes me excited to go to work everyday. I truly enjoy working with each and every one of my coworkers and love all the different strengths we bring to the team. We get down to business and work really hard but also have a lot fun during our celebrations, team outings, happy hours, etc.

I recommend this company to friends as a place of employment but also as a digital marketing agency. I believe in the quality of work that we do and the people that are on our team. As a digital marketing agency, I believe that we service our clients with unparalleled dedication, and as a place of employment, I believe that we service our employees with the same attitude. KWSM is fiercely loyal and dedicated to the happiness and success of their employees. I truly feel they care more about their wellbeing and growth, than just making money and gaining new clients, which is much more than many other organizations can say.

KWSM is a safe and creative environment where each person’s skills are celebrated and no one person is left in isolation to solve a problem on their own. There is no sense of blame for mistakes, as the team works together to overcome any obstacles. The culture nurtures and respects each personality. Each employee is kept informed through transparency in upper management that helps every person recognize where their own skills and responsibilities assist with the growth of the organization.

KWSM was the best decision I’ve ever made. Not only have I transformed in just a short period of time, but I’ve also never worried about the well-being of my job or my family. At the start of the pandemic, our leadership went above and beyond to ensure everyone was safe and taken care of. We’ve even continued to adjust to changing safety requirements and I’ve always felt secure. At KWSM, I know that my job will always be there in the morning and that my team genuinely cares about me. There truly is no other company like KWSM.

I feel like the company really does value and care about us as employees and as people, and has a very high level of integrity I haven’t previously encountered in other workplaces. There is clearly a genuine desire from management for our growth and wellbeing as employees.

KWSM is a great place to work for individuals who are just starting their career or those who have been working in the industry for a while. KWSM offers professional development opportunities and continues to challenge employees to learn new skills to better themselves and the team. KWSM is a great organization because they truly care about every team member and provide an amazing work environment. I would definitely recommend others to work for this organization if they want a place where the work is exciting and the people are fun to work with!

This was the first company to “take a chance” on me because they saw potential and believed I could learn new skills. Because of that, I have been given the opportunity to learn so many new things that are crucial to my career development.

I’m grateful for the training and opportunities I’ve received to increase my digital marketing certifications, grow my leadership through an 8-week course, and receive a promotion.

KWSM is always offering opportunities to further yourself professionally. For myself, I’ve been able to hone my public speaking skills via a masterclass which has set me up for great professional growth.

Because the company focuses on evolution, I have developed new skills in a number of critical areas within our industry. This is invaluable to my professional growth.

KWSM offers plenty of resources for professional development and growth including a robust onboarding and training program, mentorship programs, leadership programs, and certifications. I feel that these have all been put in place to help me succeed here.

There is complete transparency in the organization. I never feel like I’m in the dark about company decisions because everything is shared with us openly and honestly, and it’s clear that decisions are always made in the best interest of the company AND the employees.

KWSM is the most transparent company I’ve ever worked for. They clearly communicate changes, and leaders explain everything from big changes to small project feedback notes consistently. This open communication leaders to trust between all employees and departments.

I love working here. I am encouraged to grow and become better and stronger. It’s not about seniority or skill-level when you work at KWSM, it’s about how you make an impact and grow yourself within the team. The career path isn’t just a straight line, it’s blurry until you get a foothold into the area you want to specialize in. The opportunity is great, and the sky is truly the limit. I feel happy about my career growth and it’s exciting to watch my peers grow as well. I still feel that I have a lot to learn, and that’s because we never stop growing.

KWSM is a really great place to work. Our managers have our backs and will jump through hoops to help us in any way that they can. Our opinions are heard, valued, and used to better the company. KWSM hires for fit first, then for skill, and it 100% shows. I truly enjoy working with every single person on our team. Employee conflict just doesn’t exist at KWSM. Overall, everyone on the team genuinely cares for one another.

Not to be dramatic, but working at KWSM has been life-changing. I have developed more interpersonal skills, leadership skills, and confidence in my abilities than I’ve ever had in my life. My responsibilities and the ways my managers help facilitate my growth have shaped me into a more qualified professional, and I am proud of the skills I have picked up along the way. More importantly, the leaders on this team have encouraged me to regularly share my opinions/ideas, which has launched me out of my comfort zone, made me a more effective contributor to the team’s success, and given me total confidence in my voice and what I bring to the table. I am inspired by the ways Katie, the President of our company, displays her passion for building up young women in the industry by encouraging them to show up and speak up in every meeting. Her guidance has made all the difference in our company culture and in my own personal development. I couldn’t say enough good things about this company, our fantastic team of A-players, and how it has shaped me both professionally and personally.

This is a great job that challenges me and helps me grow. We do great work for great clients and are pushed to excel. The team is strong and the leadership is picky about who joins the team, which creates a strong level of trust with those that work for us. The people I work with are kind, smart, and talented. There is a lot of training to help with time management and how to improve work-life balance. We get every other Friday off, which gives me a lot of time off.

Whenever I bring forth a fresh idea, it is always welcome by the team and my manager. Once presented, I’m given the opportunity to plan/research/execute the plan and report the results. It feels great to work for a company where my voice truly feels heard.

I feel that I have what I need to do the most for myself and the company in this position, and to get promoted. Opportunity is the most important part of my professional development with KWSM, because it is plentiful.

I have been promoted several times as my hard work is being recognized. It was great to be promoted into a role that I was drawn to, creating an opportunity for myself to advance in an area that interested me. Our CEO provides the unique opportunity to design your dream job and write a plan on how your role will impact the organization. It took several weeks of working together with the leadership team and CEO, but I made it happen! As I continue to evolve, the job I am in evolves with me. It’s something that will be hard to find anywhere else. It’s what makes this agency so invaluable to my career.

In the short time that I have been with KWSM, I have felt that their dedication to one on one trainings and meetings have directly affected my professional development and growth.

I think just knowing that I have the opportunity to continue growing in my career here. Katie talks about it all the time and is very transparent on what it takes to move up in each of our roles. I am learning something new to add to my toolbox of abilities every week. I feel stronger in my capabilities as times goes on and I look back at everything I’ve completed/accomplished.

I have been able to work closely with the CEO to help me understand where I needed to grow. She has given me a tremendous amount of resources to help me expand my knowledge and help me understand how to apply that knowledge to my job. These resources have been in the form of written material, podcasts, in-person seminars, and individual coaching.

Katie and the leadership team have done nothing but support my career and personal development from day one. They have always been open-minded, flexible, and trustworthy in their interactions with me and the rest of the staff. KWSM feels like a family, and I’m so proud to be a part of it. This job has played a major role in my life.

Managers are always open, honest, and forthright about changes, my progress, and areas of improvement. They are extremely supportive when it comes to new projects and dealing with sticky client situations. I never feel alone/stranded when it comes to a situation/project.

Communication and loyalty are what I believe make effective leaders in this organization. I am confident that if anything goes awry, there will be no hesitation on the senior leaders to let me or my coworkers know about it. They communicate with us and there is understanding because we trust in one another to say we are doing okay or that we are dropping the ball on something.

We meet with the entire leadership team every Monday. This gives us the time to go through our open projects and get what we need from them to do our jobs well. I find that leaders in the room always listen carefully to what is going on with every project, even those they are not directly involved in. They take good notes and always follow up with what I needed to do my work. Over time, this has made it easy to trust them to follow through on their word.

The leaders in our organization value transparency and integrity in their communication, actions, and choices which I feel builds trust with employees.

The leaders and management at KWSM are extremely transparent about the goals for the company and the goals set for me. I know that at any time I can ask for a progress report and request to take on more so that I can continue to contribute. They do not shield us from the fact that it will take work and that we must do that work with a sense of excellence and integrity. They are equally as dedicated to that cause.

Managers meet with us 1 on 1 every week to discuss our thoughts, feelings, and emotions towards our clients and our work. They care about us more than just employees, but as people with lives that are significant to them as well.

Our leaders take the time to provide feedback, both positive and constructive, an a regular basis. The leaders care about the people they work with. They want to know each person and build a connection with them. They go beyond simply ‘getting the work done’ and want to find a way to connect with each person and help them be successful.

This is a fantastic company to be a part of, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to be here. Katie has done a great job of building a team around her that clicks. I consider each of my coworkers as my friends, and my managers as mentors whom I highly trust.

I recommend KWSM to my friends because while our work is challenging, it is also incredibly rewarding. We are recognized for our accomplishments and constantly encouraged to improve our skills and try new things.

I love telling others about how great it is to work at KWSM. I have the utmost confidence that my superiors will always make the right choices for interested applicants as the company grows because the team is so top-notch. This is a great bunch, and I’m glad to be part of the team.

I know that if I share my thoughts or ideas they will be heard and considered by everyone on the team. I like coming to work every day and I feel like I’m valued amongst our team. I feel like I would be missed if I didn’t work here anymore and that everyone is appreciative of the work I put in and my time is recognized. KWSM is a great place to work and I have felt fulfilled here.

This organization is run by an incredible leader who is continuously looking to innovate, improve, and grow. There is a reason for everything we do in our organization and I can feel the improvement over time. I have been at this company for 2 years now and I feel the perfect harmony of stability and ruthless innovation. The industry we are in requires collaboration and we are set up for future success.

Everyone at KWSM is constantly working as a team and always having each other’s back. I’ve never worked for a company where the managers actually listen. If I have a problem, they’re here to help find a solution. If I have an idea, they’re open to hearing about it. They’re not just planning for the future of the company but for the future of my career. They want to me succeed and that alone makes me feel really appreciated! Knowing that I’m valued at work is what makes me excited to go to work every day. I truly enjoy working with each and every one of my coworkers and love all the different strengths we bring to the team. We get down to business and work really hard but also have a lot fun during our celebrations, team outings, happy hours, etc.

I feel confident in the management and owner that they have integrity and amazing intentions for those who work for them. It’s truly a team-oriented environment. You are learning something new and growing every week, while always knowing that there is someone to support/guide you along the way.

This company is an exciting place to work. The leaders are constantly working to figure out ways we can do better work for our clients, while still keeping the employees work/life balance in mind. The company is growing quickly, but it feels manageable. Additionally, they have implemented several new benefits in the last year that has really made a difference. The leaders are smart and hard workers. They care a lot about the people who work here and about doing the best work for our clients. I would highly recommend this place to anyone.

KWSM is a workplace that gives you the freedom to be you. They have work-life balance down and will do what they can to support you, no matter where life takes you. Everyone truly cares about each other and the work they are doing. It’s a joy to be a part of this growing agency!

KWSM has exceeded every expectation I had of it as a working environment, prior to joining the team. I have been a part of several organizations that promised to uphold certain values, but never followed through. I never doubt the KWSM leaders when they say that they are going to prioritize something. They are people of their word, and that is something I greatly value.

I love working at KWSM. I feel positively challenged in my work which allows me to grow as a writer and marketer. I have the freedom to express my thoughts and contribute in all areas. I feel that my opinion is valued. Everyone I have worked with is extremely helpful and loyal.

KWSM has established itself as a quality, compassionate, and competent digital marketing agency over the course of 10+ years; this is unheard of in the industry. They strive to create the best results for all kinds of clients, regardless of industry. They treat everyone as a partner, not just another paycheck. This is the same way that they treat their employees. People are hired for their quality of character because that is what builds a strong business. The leadership knows that they can train someone to do the job and so finding those people that are good and hard-working is key.

I find myself appreciating working here more and more. I feel like a sticking point for a lot of people is the work/life balance and by offering the 90/8 work schedule and the additional holidays off is just one of the many signs that she’s listening to our needs and will do whatever it takes to keep us as employees.

KWSM should be truly proud of who they are. The company leaves no rock unturned, from new hires to management, everyone is supportive and their work adds value to the success of the company. It’s truly impressive!

I really enjoy working here. It is challenging, but it is also very rewarding. I am a hard worker and like to be pushed to be my best. The leaders here create a good working environment to help everyone grow and continually improve as a professional. Additionally, they are very open about the direction of the company and where the company is headed. It’s exciting to be part of a small company that is growing quickly. We do great work for great clients and I’m proud to be a member of this team. I can say without a doubt that this is the best place I have ever worked, and I’m excited to continue to grow with the company as the company grows.

I cannot stress enough the impact my time at KWSM has made on my quality of life. I look forward to going to work every day. I value the conversations I have with the people around me and take care to go out of my way to make their jobs a little easier – because I know they would do the same for me. KWSM is more than an agency, it’s a family. One hallmark of a fantastic work environment is that the others take a genuine interest in your wellbeing. I’ve been a part of companies big and small, and have never received the level of loyalty, support, and trust that I’ve had at KWSM.

Our company and employees go above and beyond for clients and each other. Team work is of utmost importance and we strive to be exceptional as a team. We work hard to tell our clients’ stories and support each other along the way.

This is the first company I’ve worked for that actually cares about you as a person and your personal development first, rather than just an employee. The management team genuinely care and support you in any way possible.

This company genuinely cares about its employees and creates an environment for us to strive, making it easier for us to produce better work for our clients.

This has been the best balance of professional and personal development – opportunities to showcase my abilities, responsibilities, and creativity. I value my team and we work in a collaborative environment to help each other out. This is far different than places where you encounter a silo every five steps.

KWSM has been a wonderful place to work these past few years and has helped me grow tremendously as an employee and professional in the industry. I truly believe the opportunities offered to me here would not have been provided at the same level anywhere else.

In all my years of working in this industry, I have never been a part of a company that genuinely, honestly, and intentionally cares for its people. Workers here are celebrated – workers here are nurtured – workers here are encouraged. Even when projects hit some speed bumps, I have no reason to believe that the leaders of KWSM will have my back and help me pursue the best way to correct the issue that serves our client, and my professional growth. KWSM champions culture and growth here – I am proud to be a part of it.

I believe that KWSM has a fantastic culture and group of people who genuinely care about me. There is a lot of opportunity for growth and I sincerely believe that my leadership wants to see me succeed.

This is an excellent company. Not only do we do great work for our clients, but the people who work here have a lot of integrity and are good at their jobs.

As an employee, I feel that we are recognized for who we are as people along with skill level. People who align with KWSM’s mission and values will find themselves challenged, appreciated, and validated in this organization. No other job or upper management has shown as much integrity and compassion for their employees as I’ve seen here.

The most obvious piece of the success of KWSM, and the biggest reason many of us are here, is that they hire based on the fit within the organization instead of hiring to fill a position. Looking at the people first and hiring who fits in with the company culture and ideals shows their dedication to keeping the company friendly and enjoyable, and recognizes that someone willing to learn and grow is far more important than anything else.

Recognition is a big piece. Good work is always recognized, from the smallest successes to the largest. Everyone feels appreciated and like they have a support system that will go to bat for them. Having management that cares more about teaching and guiding your career than the bottom line is unique in every industry, but particularly in the social media marketing world.

My experience at KWSM has been beyond what I had hoped for. The leadership from the top down is so impressive. I think what strikes me as the most impressive is the genuine way they care about people individually. I have never worked in a place that is so respectful of my time and well-being. They are here to see me grow and see me win.

Our CEO goes above and beyond to create a supportive, inclusive, and engaging culture. I’ve never worked with a company that’s done more to develop its employees.

We have an “open-door” policy. If a team member needs help, managers are always there to assist in any way they can. They do not judge or criticize, they brainstorm and provide solutions. Team members are made to feel accepted and heard by their managers.

Managers have created meaningful relationships with us and take the time to listen to us if we have input or ideas. They genuinely want the best for each and every one of us and never let their ego get in the way. Many of our meetings/calls with clients don’t involve our manager because they do trust us and know that we are here because we are good at our job.

Managers here work 1 on 1 to answer questions with support. They don’t just offer solutions; they help me develop skill sets to solve the problems on my own. They’ve taught me leadership.

Our managers trust that we will provide quality service to our clients and deliver our best work always. We are trusted to manage all of our own accounts, and that we will reach out to our peers or managers if we are ever feeling overwhelmed or stressed. There is trust there that when we do speak out about needing help, that we will not be judged or looked down upon, but instead we will get the assistance we need to do our jobs well.

Managers are there to help. If you need them they will go the extra mile and spend time with you one-on-one to make it happen. Multiple times now I have seen leaders in my organization go above and beyond what the job requires to make me and my colleagues feel confident and comfortable.

The leaders in our organization do what they say they are going to do. Whether it’s setting goals for the company, new initiatives, or simply setting up a fun activity, when they say something is going to happen, it does. They also act with a lot of integrity with our clients and with other employees. By seeing them do this, it shows that they will act the same way with me, and helps me trust them.

Leaders show genuine interest in the personal and professional growth of the KWSM employees. Each opinion and idea is considered and valued. This shows that the leaders trust their employees to execute their duties and know that the team is working together for the goal of the organization as a whole.

There is never a moment when choices aren’t explained, or one where the direction of the company wasn’t crystal clear. Having twice yearly State of the Company addresses keeps us motivated and gives a clear path for the company. There is never a question about where you fit in, or how your managers feel about you and your work. We also have the ability to reach out to anyone in the company, and we know that they will have our backs. The support system is incredible.

From the first day, your opinions, thoughts, and feelings are welcomed. When they say “no question is a stupid question” they mean it. I have never been made to feel small, and I think that begins with leaders partnering with you to succeed.

Leaders build trust through accountability. Our greatest asset is each other, and management recognizes that by giving us many opportunities to collaborate. We’re always there to support one another’s needs.

We have the ability and support to have transparent and honest conversations that I feel are rare for most workplaces.

When I first started out here, I did not have the confidence I needed to be successful. With the training and expertise from my managers and peers, I have grown so much in the position, and have the confidence to take on any client that comes my way! This confidence will take me so far in life and I am forever grateful for the lessons I’ve learned during my time here.

Personal one-on-one time with the CEO has provided me with education, coaching, mentorship, and growth where I previously lacked skills. This one-on-one time has shown that I am valued and that the further education of my skills and position within the organization is valued.

In past positions, I was hesitant to speak up or promote a new idea. Instead, I would look to follow the lead of others. In this position, I feel that I’m encouraged to have my voice heard, and given the opportunity to become a leader among my peers. I still look up to the management team for advice and mentorship, but I also like the independence and trust in my talents that they give me.

This has been the first place I’ve worked at where I genuinely enjoy every single person I work with. I look at them as a part of my family. Everyone here is very supportive and I definitely feel appreciated by not only my coworkers but by the managers.

This has been the best place for a young employee like me to start and launch their career. There is infinite room for growth, which is so rare in our industry. I know that there is always room for me to grow in the profession and in this job and long as I am dedicated to it.

In my time here, I’ve shown that I’ve grown and the team has seen and acknowledged that by promoting me. I look back and see that I am a completely different person. That’s made a huge difference for me because I came to this company with only some experience and the intention to grow. Being promoted twice was a great honor.

Seeing our department grow has been really amazing. The company acknowledged the need for more team members with the amount of work that was expected and brought on more team members to alleviate the stress on our current team members. Being in a senior role as allowed me to help get those newer team members up to speed and lead them in a direction I think that will set our department and company up for success.

At KWSM, I have been regularly encouraged to determine my zone of genius and pursue promotions that allow me to explore that area further.

My training as a manager at KWSM has been instrumental in my ability to do my job. I meet with my boss monthly to go over the training and resources I have been reading, talk through issues or challenges, or receive feedback. We have recently rolled out a management goal setting system that will positively change the way the leadership team works together so that we can operate as a stronger company.

I joined the KWSM team and immediately discovered there was a training system laid out to educate me on every core service of the company. I have experience in the industry and expertise in my role, but I have never had formal training in many of the areas that are slightly outside my job description. I feel like I have already significantly improved myself professionally and widened my knowledge of the marketing industry.

When I joined the agency I applied for a certain position, but ended up in a role more suited to my skillset thanks to recommendations from KWSM leadership. By giving me a job that I’m confident I’ll thrive in, they’ve set me up for success.

Leadership is honest and transparent about decisions that are made for the company. They are also constantly working to raise up additional leaders that can be led by integrity and confidence in the strength of their team.

At KWSM we have weekly 1 on 1’s with our managers. Each week we’re able to chat about what we are feeling, how we are doing in the week, and whether we need support with work. Management has also taken the time to understand us as individuals by coaching and supporting us in the way that works best for us.

The leadership team is transparent about what is going on and asks for feedback on many aspects of the organization. This allows all members of the team to feel like they have a stake in the company and can make an impact on the future success of the company.

Management at the agency asks for our opinions and values them. Often, they take what we’ve suggested and implement it which is great knowing you’re making a difference in the company.

Leadership at KWSM provides open, honest, and transparent communication in their plans, feedback, and reasoning.

At KWSM, everyone has a voice. No matter what position you hold we want to hear from you. Everyone’s opinions and considerations are taken to heart and that builds so much trust between everyone on the team. We know that we are there for each other. When life happens, we know we will be taken care of.

Leaders hold weekly one on one meetings and are fully engaged in those meetings. They also help when needed and are able to follow through on their commitments. I feel like they care for me.

Our leadership team works closely with its employees to help each and every one of us grow professionally. They see our skills and help us take them to the next level.

Communication is not just welcomed, it is instigated. My manager and the senior leadership of KWSM actually create intentional time to invite my thoughts and concerns. They earn my trust by making themselves available, demonstrating investment in my personal and professional life, and offering support out of a genuine interest in my success.

The leaders at KWSM train you well enough to be self-sufficient, meaning there’s no micromanagement – just pure accountability among team members. They’ve built trust with us by treating us like professionals and maintaining confidence in our skills, rather than scrutinizing our every move with little faith in our abilities. Everyone knows how much weight they’re pulling, all thanks to the accountable environment built by the KWSM leadership team.

The leaders are very open and transparent. Anytime there is a change we meet as a team to talk about why and what it is meant to accomplish.

The team at KWSM has a strong, supportive culture. Everyone cares deeply that your needs are met and that you feel a sense of belonging. Each team member is actively looking for ways to recognize each other for their hard work and how to best celebrate each other’s successes. Being a part of a team this genuine and this dedicated to their colleagues and clients is inspiring and motivating.

It’s impossible to compare KWSM to another company. All of the leadership and individuals at the company are people-focused. My coworkers genuinely care about me as a person and are willing to go out of their way to help me with whatever I need. I’ve also never worked at a company that creates a structure that helps you let go of work in your off-hours and encourages you to enjoy your life more. KWSM is an amazing place to work with so many opportunities for growth and truly remarkable people who are experts at their craft.

Management cares wholeheartedly for each team member. They focus on people’s strengths first, even if they don’t have the technical skills or know-how of the position which I’ve never seen at any other company.

This agency has undoubtedly transformed my personal and professional growth. I have gained more knowledge, expertise, and confidence in the time I have worked here than I would have gained in any other digital marketing space. I see numerous pathways for continued growth (both personally and professionally) that management regularly encourages me to explore and pursue. I know I am fully accepted, supported, and challenged here, which, to me, define an ideal workplace.

I truly believe that those who have worked here have experienced something special that many others do not get the chance to. The opportunities we have here are unmatched which is what makes it a great place to work.

I think this is a very fun and exciting place to work. It is small, but growing, and always trying to produce high-quality work for our clients. The leaders and managers have a lot of experience and are constantly trying to see how we can do better work. It is very supportive and fun and my coworkers are nice and good at their jobs. There is a good mix of interesting and difficult work alongside more fun activities and outlets.

My career with KWSM has been a life-changing experience. I have been pushed out of my comfort zone, benefitting my personal and professional development. I feel confident in where I am headed in my position and my ability to succeed.

I’ve been very impressed with leadership and this organization’s full commitment to employee’s needs, work and life balance, and a genuine growth mindset that sets out to help everyone in the organization grow and succeed in their zone of genius.

I have worked for a number of companies and been a part of a range of company cultures—KWSM stands out. Building a healthy culture is hard. It’s really easy for leaders of organizations to copy and paste the latest team building philosophy from some book and patch together a support structure for the team. It’s even easier to not even try. It takes genuine effort, high emotional intelligence, and long-term commitment to build a company culture that actually empowers a team. I feel that KWSM is unique, especially in the digital marketing industry, and I feel fortunate to work here.

I have never felt as supported and encouraged in a workplace as I do now. I know that they believe in me and the work that I do, and it motivates me to be the best version of myself every day.

KWSM is the most welcoming organization I’ve worked for thus far. They go above and beyond to make new team members feel adequately welcomed, maintain a culture of positivity and collaboration, and rarely let projects slip into panic mode. Most of all, I leave work every day knowing I’m a valued employee – all thanks to the workplace atmosphere they’ve designed over the past decade or so. The pay and benefits are generous as well, not to mention the convenience of a 9/80 work schedule. From trusting management and seamless workflows to a steady balance of work and play, I’d recommend this agency to any of my friends or colleagues in a heartbeat.

Since I have started here, the company has been nothing but great to me. My teammates are very supportive and I have learned so much from each one of them. The leadership is very proactive in listening to what my concerns are. I feel that I have a great place to grow here.

Every team member will go the extra mile without hesitation to support their teammates and clients. Leadership is trustworthy, transparent, and eager to provide support for each team member’s career progression.

KWSM is an incredible place to work. They truly care about their employees, checking in often, offering up opportunities for personal growth and devolvement professionally, and rooting you on in your personal endeavors. The team members at KWSM are like no team I’ve even been a part of. I can honestly say every person here has something to bring to the table and as a team all working together, we can create amazing things for clients.

KWSM is a great place to work. It is a fast-paced environment with good clients. Digital marketing is an industry that changes constantly and KWSM does a good job staying on top of the changes and adjusting as needed to help get results for our clients. It’s never boring and there are a lot of opportunities to step up and grow within the organization. The leaders of the company are smart and experienced and care about those who work for them.

I am more satisfied than I ever expected to be in my career. My expectations have been exceeded and I’m excited to continue growing.

KWSM’s team works out of offices across the country. It would make sense if the different city-based teams felt siloed from each other. It’s incredible to me how that isn’t the case. We meet as a team every morning, celebrate each other’s wins collectively, and support each other with problem solving and encouragement regardless of geographic location. I think a great stress test for the health of any organization would be to separate the team to different locations and time zones. If the work still gets done, you’re doing well. If your team gets the work done and everybody feels like they’re fully integrated (like we do at KWSM), you’re exceptional.

This is best company I have ever worked for!

The managers at KWSM are also extremely skilled in flipping you from a new hire into a self-sufficient asset to the team, while maintaining a healthy mindset of “there are no stupid questions.”

KWSM is like no other organization I have ever worked at. The leadership here is people focused and goes above and beyond for both employees and clients. Every decision made has the KWSM team in mind. The leadership team provides security for every employee even when the economy or outside forces show difficult times. As an employee that started at the peak of the pandemic shut down, I am confident that KWSM can support employees and clients through any obstacle.

I really like the efforts that leadership makes to create a strong company culture. The team meetings make me feel good about the company and the people I work with. Doing things like Caught in the Act is such a great way for people to highlight their coworkers and also to make everyone aspire to be highlighted.

The KWSM team — both management and employees — are committed to helping each other and setting each other up for success. The company culture is well-cultivated and strong. I have worked with several other marketing agencies and KWSM definitely stands above the rest.

I have worked for KWSM for many years because of my growth and trajectory. I recommend others work here because of how instrumental it can be for your growth and expertise. If you want to become one of the best in your field, you will get there by what you learn here.

I love working at KWSM. All team members strive for excellence and are ready to help others at any time. Communication is thorough and frequent on all levels of the company. Leadership is trustworthy, I know what is expected of me, and my voice is heard.

The KWSM team is just that, a team! We all work together to produce our best work for our clients no matter what it takes. Management truly wants to see everyone on the team succeed and will spend time trying to find your zone-of-genius.

KWSM is a great place to work – it’s a fast-paced environment that pushes you to grow and learn. Getting to help clients grow their businesses is very rewarding and I feel we are doing good work for our clients.

There’s no question about my position, the work that I do, or that the whole team from top leadership all the way down is there to support me. We can depend on each other and I haven’t seen a collaborative work environment like this in all my years in the workforce.

KWSM has been a great company to work for in my time here. The employees are genuinely nice and make work more enjoyable. Management seems to take the time to listen and really get feedback from the team as a whole. You don’t see that in a lot of companies.

KWSM is a wonderful place to work because, above all else, they value people. In a world where AI seems to be taking over, it’s a virtue to nurture and understand the value of people.

This organization continues to build its people. It’s something I’ve never seen before from a CEO at other companies.

This is the best company I have ever worked for. The team is talented, kind, and brilliant. Creativity is encouraged. Work-life balance is valued. Leadership is demanding while also being supportive.

KWSM is such a fantastic place to work. We have many new programs and initiatives that are helping us on our way to being even better at our jobs and as an agency as a whole. It’s hard to decide on just one thing the agency is good at because there are an infinite number of things to choose from. Even choosing something we should stop doing is difficult because we collectively have been working to make this such a great place to work.

I’m very happy here, and whatever flaws that us employees and management notices are made a company-wide discussion. That’s invaluable.

KWSM is a great place to work, the team is full of intelligence and personality, I look forward to watching the company grow even more!

Core Values at KWSM a digital marketing agency