Video Department Intern

Company Description

Every company has a story.  It’s our job to find that story and tell it through well-designed websites, educational social media and engaging video.  No matter what the medium, good content makes an impact. It can make an immediate and lasting impression on potential customers and boost a company’s bottom line.

We are looking for a hard-working intern in our video department who wants to learn how to craft compelling corporate video. The ideal candidate needs to be a strong communicator, problem solver and critical thinker.  In addition, they need to be organized and work well in a team setting, under the direction of our videographer or field producer. Above all, they need to exhibit professionalism and a positive attitude, and be passionate about working hard and getting results.


This is a paid internship with the potential to turn into a full-time position.


  • Build relationships with clients, and the KWSM team
  • Participate in video planning meetings with clients
  • Assist with video shoots, carrying equipment, set up & tear down
  • Assist with field producing, asking interview questions and setting shots
  • Optimize video content for YouTube and share on social media
  • Manage different types of online content, including: pictures, video, graphics


Candidates applying for this position must have strong communications skills, both verbal and written, with a desire to understand how corporate video can be used to tell the story of a business online.  A basic understanding of how video works on websites and YouTube is a plus.


Journalism, Communications, Marketing, Film, Videography


The right person for this job will be….



We tell stories for a living. That involves engaging and communicating with an audience online, but it also requires the ability to communicate well with our clients, and each other. We’re a small company, and you will have a lot of opportunity to add your feedback. We need someone who wants to be heard.

Great at Time Management.

Can you take a lengthy ‘to do’ list and prioritize what’s important? Can you multi-task when necessary, while continuing to perform well? Can you thrive in a bustling and interactive environment, and still get your work done? If so, you’ll fit right in!

Uncommonly organized.

We are a quickly growing company, expanding in the fields of social media, web design and video production. We interface with dozens of companies at a time. You won’t be bored here, but you will need to keep your ducks in a row.

Skilled at Problem Solving.

At KWSM, we are relentless in the pursuit of the right answer. We dig deep to solve a client’s sticking point, and we do it with a smile on our face. Are you smooth when faced with a major dilemma? If you have accountability, flexibility, and a drive for results, we want someone like you on our team.


We have a very collaborative office, and want to work with people who want to be part of a team. If you’re the kind of person who likes the door to their office closed, you probably won’t be happy here. (Our offices don’t actually have doors.)


We want to work with people who are passionate. About what doesn’t really matter. If you have the ability to get excited about something and throw yourself into it, you will fit in well here.

Additional Information

If this sounds like you, please email Katie Wagner at katie(at)

We value our team culture. You can experience it on our Instagram account @KWSMteam.

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