You’ve Got Mail | Social Media Help Desk Episode 58

When Facebook talks – we listen! This week on the Social Media Help Desk, our host Katie Wagner is sitting down with guests Stephen Wagner and Olivia Riley to discuss the new and exciting news which recently came out from Facebook’s F8 conference, how to turn abandoned carts into new business using Messenger, and more of the week’s top social media stories making headlines.


Recently, Facebook hosted their “mostly-annual” conference for entrepreneurs and developers whose works involves creating products for the social media empire. Much like Apple’s anticipated conference, this event shared news about the platform’s future and major changes we should be expected to see coming soon. The panel is discussing these changes like Instagram’s choice to remove public “likes,” and the new emphasis on “stories.”


In other Facebook news, Facebook announced during the conference new design changes coming to site, the biggest change being Facebook’s signature color. Say goodbye to “Facebook Blue” as you know it. The new color rolling out is a brighter, more saturated blue than users have grown to know and love. The team is weighing the pros and cons of this change, and discussing how users have previously responded to major design changes in the past.


To wrap things up, Stephen is shedding some light on Facebook’s different ad placement options, specifically Facebook Messenger. With less competition than places like the newsfeed or Instagram, ecommerce stores can take advantage of this advertising strategy. Stephen talks the specifics and how using Messenger ads could be of value to you.


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