YouTube Lets Users Swipe Right

Swipe right for the next video? Nope, it’s not Tinder. It’s YouTube! Here’s the inside scoop on all of your social media news. YouTube introduces a new option that lets you swipe to the next video. Facebook rolls out sharing events within stories, and Twitter tests out new conversational features. Here’s the breakdown of social media trends KWSM style!


YouTube Introduces Swiping for Video Skipping


YouTuber App users on iOS are now able to swipe left to go to their next video, or swipe right to go to the previously watched video. A single tap will bring up video player controls. This new format also lets users “peek” at the previous or next video by only partially swiping. Skipping between videos accidentally won’t be a problem since the video will pick up from where you left off. No word yet on when the update will roll out for Android, but users should expect it sooner rather than later.


Facebook Rolls Out Event Sharing In Stories


Facebook is now letting users share events from within their Stories. Connections who view the stories can register whether they are interested in attending the event. It’s easy to set up too. Tapping on “Share to Story” within the app will help users make a Stories frame with an event sticker. Anyone viewing the Story will be able to register if they are interested in going. Gather up your friends, and head to the event!


Twitter Tests Conversational Features


Twitter is going to roll a new beta program that will test “conversational” options within the massively popular app. Beta testers will be the first ones able to try these new features that will let users talk with each other. Some of the features are color-coded responses, sorted replies, and status updates. Pretty much everything that you would expect in a messenger app. If all goes according to plan, every user should soon experience a more messenger-like Twitter app.


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