YouTube Makes Changes for TV, and Google Maps takes on Yelp

Social media platforms have always said that the best experience is about connections, and now YouTube and Google Maps are further connecting consumer and business.  These are the trending social media stories making news this week. 

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YouTube Goes Back to the Big Screen

YouTube has noticed a huge shift in how users watch its videos. Mobile had always exceeded desktop views by a substantial amount; however, in a January 2018 study by YouTube, that has been proven to change.  Now, data show that TV screens have become its fastest growing screen with over 150 million hours of watch time per day. The platform also found that ad recall and purchase intent for ads shown on the TV screen increased by 47% and 35% respectively. In an effort to appease brands eager to reach these TV viewers, YouTube will be adding TV screens to AdWords and DoubleClick Bid Manager so that content can be tailored to fit the audience.


Are you surprised by the recent YouTube study? Read more about it on YouTube’s blog.


Twitter’s New Secret Messaging Feature

While there is no official roll-out date, Twitter is currently testing out its new secret messaging feature on Android. This feature, also known as end-to-end encryption, keeps the messages between the sender and recipient, not the company whose platform you’re using or anyone who may try to intercept the conversation. Twitter’s DM has been effective in opening conversations between users without phone numbers or emails, and secret messaging will allow them to have discussions about business or even provide an avenue for informants to interact with media confidentially.


Google Maps Creates a Personalized Feature Using AI

Google Maps has always been the app that will get you where you need to be, but it aims to do more to enhance its users’ experiences when getting from point A to point B. Similar in appearance to a newsfeed, Google Maps will allow you to follow neighborhoods and cities, and update you when it finds interesting updates that are trending or new in the area. Set to launch this summer, Maps will add a For You feed and use AI for personalization to help match users to restaurants, for example, that best fit their preferences.


What do you think this will mean for businesses and the importance of ratings from its customers?

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