Your Twitter To-Do List


 Twitter is one of the largest Social Media channels today. In fact, Twitter has around 200 million active users tweeting out nearly 400 million tweets a day. That is a valuable tool for your business.

When used effectively, Twitter will act as a direct avenue of communication between your business and your target consumer. Let’s talk about how to effectively use Twitter for business.


Develop a strategy

Define your audience. I recommend connecting with other businesses who share your target audience and of course, users within your target market. You can search for people by using hashtags of geographical locations, industry terms, and business names. If you have a certain business in mind, you can visit their website and look for their Twitter link. Once you find them, follow them. If they follow you back, you’ve established a line of communication for the future.

What do you want to say? What is the voice of your company? What is your specialty and what makes your product or brand stand out?What message do you want to convey? Try and be educational and informative with your tweets; Twitter is often used as a resource for news updates and information.

Handle the Logistics. Twitter allows up to 140 characters per tweet, so be brief, to the point, and leave some space for a hashtag or two. Establish how may times a day you will tweet at minimum. The life span of a tweet is very short, so don’t be afraid to tweet away.


Daily Management


Stay on top of it. On a daily basis, check to see if anyone has ‘mentioned’ or followed your business. Your new followers will be the most recent followers and can also be found in your ‘mention’ feed (The @ tab). Check the new followers out and if you find them to be credible, follow back. Make sure to respond to any mentions. Twitter can be a conversational channel, so be available to chat. Just like your email, make sure to check your direct messages and respond back to the non-automated messages. Keep in mind that you are also limited on characters for private messages on Twitter.

Browse Actively. Look for new users to follow and link with. Run daily searches using hashtags by location or topic. Find, follow, and engage with your prospects. Keep an eye on your following to followers ratio and try and keep that relatively aligned.

Follow the trends. Some days there may be a popular hashtag and if it’s appropriate for your business, use it. You will find there are weekday specific trends for example, ‘#FollowFriday’ is a trend where users tweet their favorite handles to follow and ask others to follow them.

Twitter is a place where you can engage, educate, and build a relationship with potential customers. There is plenty of opportunity waiting as long as you stay active, relevant, and trendy. You can start with tweeting this article!








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