Your Guide to the New Twitter Interface

Twitter UpdateLike all of us, Social Media Platforms like to stay stylish and trendy.  In order to accomplish this, it sometimes warrants an occasional makeover. In January 2019, Twitter rolled out a new interface to all users, and we have seen that the new interface can affect how users tweet and communicate with their audience.  Here is a short guide to some of the new changes and good information that can help your twitter account.

Emoji Key Button

This newly designed emoji key button allows inserting emoji to your tweets easier. You can also continue to search the desired emojis for quicker finds and even find your most recent emojis easier.  The overall tweet box is largely the same but with bigger buttons and a new aesthetic.

Image Sizes

Image sizes have changed in the new Twitter interface on the desktop version. Old graphics and photo dimensions do not display properly, and the new aspect ratio for tweets is 16:9. Meanwhile, Twitter’s image card proportion (for a Twitter link share) is 1.91:1. Making sure that you are using the correct image sizes in your content helps readability and increases engagement.

Updated Trending Section

Twitter’s newly updated trending section appears on the right side of the desktop page, while on mobile, it continues to auto update on the second page.  It is also easy to see who is entered into trending conversations with the new aesthetic updates. Referencing trending topics with this new feature and adding to the conversation is way more user-friendly.


Twitter continues to test new ways for users to have conversations on their prototype app called twttr. The platform has announced that it is beta testing new ideas and rolling them out to users slowly.


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