You Just Checked In At (Insert Location Here)

It happened to me this weekend. It’s almost unforgivable, but yes, I forgot to check in.

The Backstory: the whole way to the restaurant (Break of Dawn), I was thinking to myself: “Yes, if I check in on Yelp today, I think I will become Duke of this restaurant.” So excited!  Not only for the delicious food I was going to eat, but also, the potential to have checked in most at that restaurant.

The Distraction: When we drive into the parking lot, there is some kind of muscle convention going on. A bunch of people wearing tank tops with muscles bigger than my head are enjoying some kind of muscle increaser giveaway. There is no parking!

The Result: By the time I find a spot, get inside and get a seat, I have completely forgotten about the Duke status that is so close I can taste it (figuratively, of course). We have an amazing meal, love every bite. I even finish off Katie’s food as well. I can’t get enough! We enjoy our time, pay, and drive away…

Oh no! I forgot to check in! I was going to be the Duke of that restaurant! I quickly pull out my phone while driving (this IS an emergency after all) to see if I can still check in. I find it, I try to check in, but no, I am too far away from the restaurant. Foiled! Sigh… I guess we will have to eat there again. 🙂

The Moral: (Insert any and all reasons why location based social media is addictive, and you are on the same page with me)

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