Why You Shouldn’t Have Multiple Profiles On The Same Social Media Channel

PC: mego_productions
PC: mego_productions

While some business owners may think having multiple profiles on one social media channel will give their company greater visibility, the opposite is actually true. Having several profiles on a single social media channel is incredibly detrimental to your company’s online image. Multiple profiles can come across as spam, make your business look unorganized, or confuse clients that want to connect.

Once you’ve learned which social media channels you should choose for your business, read these tips to keep your company on the right track:

Have A Consistent Name

Keep your online presence simple and clean by choosing a name to represent your company consistently across all your channels. I’ve worked with clients who believed it was best to cover their bases by creating multiple social media profiles under similarly spelled names. They thought it would be a good strategy to guard against potential customers spelling their company’s name wrong and missing their page. Not only did this make their profiles look like spam accounts, it also made their businesses look unorganized. Selecting a single consistent name will create a clear brand for your company, making it easier for fans and clients to find you.

Give Clients A Place To Connect

Signing up for several social media platforms will give your business multiple places to connect, follow, and share with clients. Managing several different profiles forces you to maintain a following on each platform and also divides your audience by giving your business’s fans multiple places to choose to follow. Save yourself and your audience a headache by giving your clients one place to connect with your business on each social media channel. Your number of followers will naturally increase as you streamline your duplicate accounts into one, and dedicating your time and effort to one account will allow you to manage it more efficiently and effectively.

Part of having an excellent online presence is being able to have complete control over your social media platforms. When it comes to the rule of creating multiple profiles, think less is more and always remember quality over quantity. Now that you have an understanding of the best practices for maintaining your profiles, you’re ready to create quality content for your social media channels!



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