Why Small Business Owners Should Enroll in Social Media Bootcamp

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Are you ready to fall in love with social media? Maybe you think social media marketing is too complicated or perhaps you fear it’s too time-consuming. Regardless of the reason, if you’ve been avoiding marketing your business on social media, it’s time to feel the love! There’s no denying that social media marketing is the fastest growing marketing trend, but did you realize it’s just as important for small businesses to leverage social media as it is for large brands?



Learn How to Adapt to the New Face of Marketing

Social media marketing is the new face of marketing, and it lets you experience real results while spending less money. In our KWSM Social Media Bootcamp, you’ll learn the power of using social media marketing directly from our president, Katie Wagner. As the use of technology in the workplace continually grows, you’ll gain insight into why investing in social media for your business is a marketing must-do.

Master the “Big Four” of Social Media

As we guide you how to plan a social media strategy for your business and choose which social media channels are best for your brand, we’ll teach you how to master the four most popular channels: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. From tweets to videos and leveraging professional connections to building a following of new clients, you’ll learn how to craft creative content for your business that is tailored for each channel. Social Media Bootcamp consists of four Friday classes – each week focusing on a different channel. Interested in only learning a few of the channels? You can sign up for whichever individual classes you prefer!

Get Hands On Help

One of the best perks of Social Media Bootcamp at KWSM is the help you’ll receive from our Content Editors, who are there to answer any questions you have along the way. As you practice the new techniques on your laptop, our content editors will be by your side to offer tips and tricks on your profiles. Our friendly team never lets a question go unanswered!

Inside Access to Your Breaking Questions

As you graduate from Social Media Bootcamp, you’ll receive lifetime membership to our KWSM Social Media Help Desk – a private Facebook group dedicated to answering the questions our experienced Bootcampers may have over time. We understand that changes can happen quickly in the world of social media, so we are dedicated to being your social media resource beyond the month of Social Media Bootcamp. Contact us through Social Media Help Desk and receive advice from the experts at anytime!

Are you ready to learn to love social media and everything it can do for your business? Sign up for our Social Media Bootcamp!

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