Why Pinterest Switched Its Button From “Pin It” To “Save”

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

Pinterest’s latest switch from the original “Pin It” button to “Save” left many users confused. Why the change since “pinning” is the main function Pinterest offers?

Pinterest changed the name of their main button to “Save” to make the button’s actual functionality more clear, especially for international users.

That platform discussed the change on its blog stating, “Now that more than half of the people who use Pinterest are from outside the United States, we’ve been working harder than ever to make sure our app and website are easy to use no matter where you live or what language you speak. Unfortunately, it turns out that the notion of ‘Pinning’ ideas doesn’t always resonate with everyone around the world.”

Believe it or not, the change made a significant different in the amount of Pin saves. After Pinterest renamed the button, the platform saw an 8% increase in saves. This is exciting news for companies as more people are pinning, or should we say saving, from pages that have the new “save” button installed.

It’s also crucial to note that Pinterest ranks second best in drivers of social referral traffic, behind Facebook. So overall, the increase in Pinterest activity may be significant to your brand online.

Along with the “Save” button, Pinterest added a discovery element to each Pin. Now when you click on a Pin, there is a section that shows at the bottom with all the boards people have saved that image to before. There is a “See all” option that allows you to look at the list of boards to which it was saved to, along with a preview of images that board also contains.

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