Why Do Blogs Matter?

For years, blogs have helped many businesses generate leads by driving traffic to their websites. Blogging has created opportunities for companies to share their expertise and develop themselves as thought leaders. Now in 2021, more people are asking if blogging is still relevant. With all of the other content delivery options out there, some business owners are considering abandoning this tactic altogether. Here’s why blogs are important for your business.

1. Blogs Create a Hub for Media

Whether you are sharing a weekly video series or monthly podcast, your blog is the ideal place to store this multimedia content. Instead of housing these episodes only on third-party sites, keep the traffic coming back to your website by embedding these audio and video clips directly within your content. This allows you to keep users on your site longer and increases the chances that they will reach out to you for more information about a product or service. 

2. Blogging Attracts New Clients

Blogs are likely the longest pieces of content you will have in your marketing strategy. This allows you to expand on topics about your business as well as talk about relevant things in your industry. With the help of the right SEO strategies, you can then push your blog out to a larger audience than just your website visitors or social media followers. Your goal is to reach internet users in the middle of their searches and bring them back to your website to read your blog and learn about your business. Once they’re on your site, you can more easily convert them into a client.

3. Blogging Boosts Your Reputation

If a customer doesn’t trust you, they won’t buy from you. Whether you’re posting a blog on your website or authoring a guest blog on an industry publication, these articles can communicate your expertise to your audience. These blogs showcase your knowledge about the industry and in turn build a rapport with potential customers. By providing helpful and relevant content, your customers will feel like you are their ally, not just another business trying to get their money.

Blogging is about building lasting relationships. It’s not meant to just be a flash advertisement that no one sees ever again. That’s why writing quality articles is the key to boosting your reputation, increasing your leads, and telling more people about your business. It will also help you stand out against the competition because customers will see you as their main resource.  

megaphone63% of consumers have purchased items because they were recommended in a blog

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