What Your Business Can Learn from TikTok Ads

At some point in your social media explorations, you’ve come across viral TikTok ads and videos. It’s likely that it was difficult to tell whether it was an organic video or a sponsored ad. Still, you probably found yourself captivated by the short snippet. This focus on entertainment over selling is the number one reason TikTok has more than 500 million active users worldwide. Although TikTok ads may not be ideal for your audience, there are many insights you can take away that will give your marketing results a boost.

TikTok Ads Entertain, Not Sell

TikTok is the prime example that entertainment sells. In a recent report, TikTok shared that 91% of purchases made in reference to their content were unplanned, impulse buys. These purchases aren’t made because someone made a hard sell. These social ads work so successfully because people feel like they are getting more value for their time. In 15-seconds, consumers feel instantly connected with a business and are compelled to help support them. Your business can use this same tactic to improve the results of your social ads on any channel.

Instead of just telling your audience what you offer, try entertaining them first. This could be a video of a team member that talks about why your business is the best. Or maybe it is a quirky hint at how terrible your competitors are. Whoever you choose to be the face of your ads, ensure that they have a personality that can shine through. 

Rely on Partnerships

Influencers are a large part of the success of TikTok ads. As we have seen, influencers on any channel are valuable assets. Consumers trust influencers to help them make decisions on both product and service-based companies. To do this, these industry “experts” showcase what they authentically love about a business in 15 seconds or less. The best part is that TikTok ads do the same thing, in the same way. This partnership allows businesses to use the branding and audience of influencers to connect with their most ideal customers. The results of these TikTok ads are much more creative and unique than typically business’ social ads

Your business can reap these same benefits. Influencers don’t have to be the Gen Z or millennial people with hundreds of thousands of followers. These partners really are anyone that can help influence your audience to make a purchase. Achieve these same creative social skills by partnering with your biggest advocates. These could be other businesses in your area, nonprofits you have supported, and even customers. No matter who you choose, your partnerships will help you more authentically connect with your customers because they’re hearing from people who truly do love you.

With over 100 million active users daily, TikTok ads are reaching a huge audience. Despite the age range and demographics of these users, they still connect with businesses ‘ ads in similar ways. Almost 50% of the top TikTok ads appeal to emotion instead of just focusing on selling. Content here focuses on being real and relatable. You can shape all of your social ads to achieve the same results.

49% of internet users say they’re likely to buy brands they see advertised

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